Hear a musical rundown of this week's show:  

New Zealand Music Awards: The Exponents
The Exponents are the latest winners of the New Zealand Music Awards’ Legacy Award, which will see them enter the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at the 50th New Zealand Music Awards in November. Founding members Jordan Luck and Brian Jones join us in the studio.

Jordan Luck, Emma Smith, Brian Mahoney, Brian Jones

Jordan Luck, Emma Smith, Brian Mahoney, Brian Jones Photo: Lauren Clough

New Zealand Music Awards: Technical Award Winners
Zac Arnold talks with the winners at the 2015 Tui Techies  

The National's Matt Berninger has been busy of late: touring with his band, raising a family, recording a new album, and releasing his latest side-project EL VY with his dear friend, Brent Knopf of Menomena fame. Born out of countless emails over many years and locations, Berninger and Knopf have created a musical homage to their youth. Matt Berninger speaks to Yadana Saw about the musical merits of Grease, which has had a rather large influence on his new band, and by logical extension, his old band too.

EL VY is Brent Knopf and Matt Berninger

EL VY is Brent Knopf and Matt Berninger Photo: Deirdre O'Callaghan


Glass Vaults
For the last five years Wellingtons’ Glass Vaults have been creating lush, immersive soundscapes. Zac Arnold finds out what went into making their latest sonic Sojourn.

Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults (L-to-R Richard Larsen, Ben Bro, Bevan Smith, Rowan Pierce) Photo: Courtesy of Glass Vaults

The Sampler: Sexwitch
Jim Pinckney listens to the mesmerising psychedelic covers of Sexwitch, the collaboration between Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and Toy.

Introducing: MADEIRA


Madeira Photo: Courtesy of Madeira

Martha Brown has become well known for making beat based pop under the nom de plume Banoffee. Zac Arnold caught up with the young Australian while she was in the country touring her latest EP, Do I Make You Feel Shy?


Banoffee Photo: Jordan Drysdale and Angie Pai


Brooke Fraser - Live at the Holy Trinity Cathedral
Following the release of her fourth studio album Brutal Romantic towards the end of 2014, Brooke Fraser undertook a series of intimate concerts around the country. Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston was there to capture her performance at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Anatomy of a Song - Delaney Davidson's 'Down on Me'
Anatomy of a Song is a radio series produced by RDU 98.5 FM in Christchurch, which explores the sounds and processes used to produce a recorded song, using classic tracks from well-known New Zealand musicians. Each episode sees Spanky Moore at a mixing desk with an artist to dissect the different elements of one of their tracks, and to get under the hood of what it is that makes that song special. This week it’s 'Down On Me' by Delaney Davidson.

Music played in this show


Artist: International Observer
Song; Change Your Mind (International Observer's Slack Mind Dub)
Composer: Bailey/ The Exponents
Album: Retouched
Label: Dubmission

Legacy Award Winners - The Exponents Interview
Artist: The Exponents
Song: Why Does Love Do This To Me
Composer: Luck
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio NZ Recording

NZ Music Awards Tech Awards Interview
Artist: SJD
Song: Helensville
Composer: Donnelly
Album: Saint John Divine
Label: Universal

Artist: Mel Parsons
Song: Get Out Alive
Composer: Parsons
Album: Drylands 
Label: Border

Artist; Bespin
Song: Take Control
Composer: Lee
Album: forthcoming EP TBC

Artist: The National
Song: Bloodbuzz Ohio
Composer: Berninger, Dessner, Newsome
Album: High Violet
Label: 4AD

El Vy Interview
Artist: EL VY
Songs: Return To The Moon (Political Song For Didi Bloome To Sing With Crescendo), I Am The Man To Be, Paul Is Alive
Composer: Berninger, Knopf
Album: Return To The Moon
Label: 4AD

Artist: Olivia Newton-John
Song: Hopelessly Devoted
Composer: J. Farrar
Album: Grease: Original Movie Soundtrack
Label: Polydor

Artist: Frankie Valli
Song: Grease
Composer: B. Gibb
Album: Grease: Original Movie Soundtrack
Label: Polydor

Artist: Minutemen
Song: Paranoid Chant
Composer: Watt
Album: Introducing The Minutemen
Label: SST

Artist: Toy
Song: Left Myself Behind (Trans - Love Energies Version) 
Composer: Toy
Album: Left Myself Behind
Label: Heavenly


Artist: Introverted Dancefloor
Song: Happiness is Such a Mess
Composer: Bevan Smith
Album: Introverted Dancefloor
Label: Carpark Records

Glass Vaults Interview
Artist: Glass Vaults
Songs: West Coast, Sojourn, Ancient Gates
Composer: Glass Vaults
Album: Sojourn
Label: Flying Out


Artist: Julia Holter
Song: Silhouette
Composer: Holter
Album: Have You In My Wilderness
Label: Domino

The Sampler: Sexwitch - Sexwitch
Artist - Sexwitch
Song: Helelyos
Composer: Zia
Album: Sexwitch
Label: Echo/BMG

Artist - Sexwitch
Song: War In Peace
Composer: Skip Spence
Album: Sexwitch 
Label: Echo/BMG

Artist - Sexwitch
Song: Ghoroobaa Ghashangan
Composer: Ramesh
Album: Sexwitch
Label: Echo/BMG

Artist - Sexwitch
Song: Ha Howa Ha Howa
Composer: Bennasser Oukhouya / Cheikha Hadda Ouakki 
Album: Sexwitch
Label: Echo/BMG

Artist - Sexwitch
Song: Kassidat El Hakka
Composer: Abdellah el Magana 
Album: Sexwitch
Label: Echo/BMG

Artist - Sexwitch
Song: Lam Plearn Kiew Bao
Composer: Chanpen Sirithep
Album: Sexwitch
Label: Echo/BMG

Artist: Zia
Song: Helelyos
Composer: Zia
Album: Pomegranates
Label: Finders Keepers

Introducing: Madeira
Artist: Madeira
Song: Let Me Down
Composer: K. Pflaum
Album: shh035
Label: Secret Songs

Banoffee Interview
Artist: Banoffee
Song: I'm Not Sorry, With Her, Oceans, Body Suit
Composer: M. Brown
Album: Do I Make You Nervous? 
Label: Dot Dash



Brooke Fraser Live At The Holy Trinity Cathedral
Artist: Brooke Fraser
Song: Psychosocial, Thunder, Arithmetic, New Histories, Sailboats, Albertine, Start A War, Kings & Queens, Better, Something in the Water
Composer: Fraser
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio NZ Recording

Artist: Brockaflower
Song: Conversations
Composer: Brockaflower

Artist: Blick Bassy
Song: Ake
Composer: Bassy
Album: Ako
Label: No Format!


AOAS: Delaney Davidson 'Down On Me'
Artist: Delaney Davidson
Song: Down On Me
Composer: Davidson
Album: Swim Down Low
Label: Outside Inside Records

Artist: Riff Cohen
Song: Dans Mon Quartier
Composer: Riff Cohen 
Album: A Paris
Label: Les Inrockuptibles