Under The Influence: Nirvana
To mark 20 years to the day that Kurt Cobain passed away, we go behind the scenes of Nirvana's one and only New Zealand show - 9 February 1992 at Auckland's Logan Campbell Centre - to talk to some of the people who were there.

Nirvana kirkweddle

Session: Buzz Moller
Voom front man Buzz Moller talks about his classics plays some new songs live in session.

The Sampler: Flip Grater
Christchurch bred songwriter Flip Grater wrote her fourth album Pigelle in Paris - Nick Bollinger listens to its 'seedy romanticism'...


Dawn Raid 15th anniversary
Dawn Raid Entertainment co-founders Danny 'Brotha D' Leaoasavaii and Andy Murnane celebrate 15 years in the business by charting the highs and lows of pushing urban pacifican frontiers worldwide.

Dawn Raid Entertainment

The Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles
Influential DJ/Producer Frankie Knuckles died this week. His sets at Chicago clubs The Warehouse & later The Power Plant ushered in a new wave of club culture while his early foray into production produced a series of prototype house records which would prove influential in shaping the sound of dance music as we hear it today. Writer and DJ Bill Brewster talks about Frankie Knuckles' legacy.

DJ Lemon on the Kilbirnie Fire
DJ Danny Lemon, from Wellington soundsystem The Roots Foundation talks about the loss of his record collection in the fire at Kiwi Self Storage in Wellington on Friday.

Los Coronas
Spanish band Los Coronas talk about their fiery blend of surf rock, flamenco and mariachi trumpets, why Mexican crowds are the best, and why you won't hear quiet music at a Spanish festival.

Gig guide


Stages: Chick's Hotel, Port Chalmers
Twelve kilometres out of Dunedin, a long way from students and student bars, is Port Chalmers. It is a beautiful, eerie port town with enough industrial noise to ease the tinnitus of the musicians who call it home. Chick's Hotel is a dark, looming building that holds a few secret rooms and 19th century ghost stories, and allows bands from around the world to add to the noise.

Introducing: Will Wood

David Dallas live at Barry Curtis Park, Otara
Recorded on Waitangi Day, Papatoetoe rhymesmith David Dallas plays a hometown show at South Auckland's Barry Curtis Park.

david dallas at waitangi park by lanisays
David Dallas - photo by Lani Momoisea

Music played in this show


Artist: Nirvana
Song: Forgotten Song
Composer: Cobain/Grohl/Novoselic
Album: In Utero Anniversary Edition
Label: Geffen

Under The Influence - Nirvana

Artist: Nirvana
Song: School (Live)/Territorial Pissings/Smells Like Teen Spirit/Drain You (Live)/Been A Son (Live)/Lithium/Polly (Live)/D-7 (Live at the BBC)/Sliver (Live)
Composer: K.Cobain/K.Novoselic/D.Grohl
Album: Nevermind Deluxe Edition
Label: Geffen

Artist: Nirvana
Song: Blew
Composer: Nirvanax
Album: Nevermind Deluxe Edition
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Second Child
Song: Rejoice (Live)
Composer: J.Barnett/D.Binder/T.Jackson/C.Van de Geer
Album: Hold Back
Label: Wildside

Artist: The 3Ds
Song: Outer Space/Hellzapoppin
Composer: D.Mitchell/D.Roughan/D.Saunders/D.Stones
Album: Hellzapoppin
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Meat Puppets
Song: The Whistling Song Composer: Kirkwood
Album: Meat Puppets II
Label: Ryko

Artist: Voom
Song: B Your Boy
Composer: Moller
Album: Hello, Are you there?
Label: Lil Chief

In Session: Buzz Moller

Artist: Buzz Moller
Song: We’re So Lost, This Life That Sucks
Composer: Buzz Moller
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

The Sampler: Flip Grater

Artist: Flip Grater
Songs: The Quit, Exit Sign, Justin Was A Junkie, Hide and Seek, The Smell Of Strangers
Composer: Grater
Album: Pigalle
Label: Maiden Records

Artist: First Aid Kit
Song: My Silver Lining
Composer: Soderburgh/Soderburgh
Album: Stay Gold
Label: Columbia

Artist: Jack White
Song: High Ball Stepper
Composer: White
Album: Lazaretto
Label: Third Man


Artist:Lost Tribe
Song: Summer In The Winter
Composer: Lost Tribe
Album: Pioneers of Pascifka frontiers
Label: Urban Pascifika

Dawn Raid Entertainment: 15 Years in Business

Artist: Brotha D
Song: Intro
Composer: D.Leaoasavaii
Album: Southside Story 2: International
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Mareko
Song: Oh Sh**
Composer: Sagapolutele/Fernandez
Album: White Sunday
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Brotha D
Song: Life
Composer: D.Leaoasavaii
Album: Southside Story
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Lost Tribe
Song: Five B.U.N.G.A
Composer: Lost Tribe
Album: Pioneers of a Pacifikan Frontier
Label: Urban Pacifika

Artist: Deceptikonz
Song: Elimination
Composer: Deceptikonz
Album: Elimination
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Dawn Raid Family
Song: Roll Call
Composer: Dawn Raid Family
Album: Element of Surprise
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Swiss
Song: Slow Wind
Composer: Manu/Evangelista/Gaotani
Album: Mr Slow Wind EP
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Aaradhna
Song: Treble & Reverb (Intro)
Composer: Patel/Wadams/Short
Album: Treble & Reverb
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Savage
Song: Swing
Composer: Holmes/Ngawhika/Savelio
Album: Savage Island
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Mareko, Baby Down and Aaradhna
Song: Soul Food (Island Way)
Composer: Dawn Raid Family
Album: Element of Surprise
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Artist: Brotha D
Song: It’s Alright
Composer: D.Leaoasavaii
Album: Element of Surprise
Label: Dawn Raid Entertainment

Frankie Knuckles The Godfather of House

Artist:Sylford Walker
Song:Jah Golden Pen
Composer: Walker
Album: Joe Gibbs: Scorchers From The Mighty Two
Label: VP

Los Coronas

Artist: Los Coronas
Song: Flamenco
Composer: Los Brincos
Album: El Baile Final de Los Locos y Los Cuerdos
Label: Tritone

Artist: Los Coronas
Song: Cleopatra Stomp, Fuerte Comansi
Composer: Los Coronas
Album: Adios Sancho

Gig Guide


Artist:  Model Train Wreck
Song: Port Chalmers Murder Ballad
Composer: Howard
Album: Model Train Wreck
Label: Self-released

Stages: Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers

Artist: Dear Times Waste
Songs: Alice/Blue And Gold
Composer: Claire Duncan
Album: Spells
Label: Isaac Promotions

Artist: Males
Songs: Over And Out
Composer: Richard Ley-Hamilton
Album: Run Run Run
Label: Fishrider Records

Artist: The Shifting Sands
Songs: Tonight
Composer: Mike McLeod
Album: Feel
Label: Fishrider Records

Artist: The Bats
Songs: Calm Before The Storm/Free All The Monsters
Composer: Robert Scott
Album: Daddy’s Highway/Free All The Monsters
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Clean
Songs: Point That Thing Somewhere Else/Anything Could Happen
Composer: David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour/ Robert Scott
Album: Anthology
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Brains
Songs: I’ll Decide
Composer: Matthew McCauley
Album: Constant Love Forever
Label: Self release

Artist: Bad Sav
Songs: Ruiners
Composer: Hope Robertson
Album: Awesome Feeling 4
Label: Real Groove

Artist: Die! Die! Die!
Songs: Caseman
Composer: Andrew Wilson
Album: Form
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Dead C
Songs: Sky
Composer: Michael Morley
Album: Harsh 70s Reality
Label: Siltbreeze

Artist: Trick Mammoth
Songs: Vesper II
Composer: Adrian Ng
Album: Floristry
Label: Fishrider Records

Artist: Plagal Grind
Song: Vincent
Composer: Alistair Galbraith
Album: Seely Girn
Label: Xpressway/Feel Good All Over

Introducing: Will Wood

Artist: Will Wood
Song: Four Floors
Composer: Will Wood
Album: TBA
Label: Lyttelton Records

Artist: Estere and Oddisee
Song: Curtains Down
Composer: E Dalton
Album: unreleased
Label: Red Bull

David Dallas live at Barry Curtis Park, Otara

Artist: David Dallas
Song: The Wire/My Mentality/Indulge Me/Big Time/Transmitting Live/Never Met/Take A Picture/Runnin'
Composer: D.Dallas/A.Iusitini/J.Iusitini
Album: Unreleased Live Recording
Label: Radio NZ Recording

Artist: Suren Unka
Song: 130
Composer: Unka
Album: Chupacabra
Label: self-released