2-3pmJosh Deakin Resized

Animal Collective
Josh Dibb, aka Deakin, talks about returning to the band he had been a part of for over a decade and about Animal Collective’s endless search for cool sounds.

The Body Lyre
Wellington folk droners Body Lyre on their new crowdfunded release Blood/Work.

Introducing: Autumn Splendour


Humans and the Drum 
No other animal is able to synchronise their whole body to a beat the way humans do. In fact, very few other animals can even recognise a beat. So how do our bodies ‘feel’ the beat and what evolutionary purpose does it serve?

We speak with Ruth Carr and Paul Dodge about the stripped-back, fourth studio album from Minuit, Last Night You Saw This Band.
Minuit as Amelia Earhart RESIZE
Minuit. Photo: Louise Hatton Photography

The Datsuns in session
Cambridge’s golden sons, The Datsuns play songs from their new album Death Rattle Boogie in session at Roundhead.

Gig Guide


The Music 101 team’s Favourite Music from 2012
Kirsten Johnstone, Nick Atkinson, Trevor Reekie and Emma Smith discuss their favourites from a year of strong and diverse releases. Share yours with us - music101@radionz.co.nz. Check out favourites from the whole team here.




Music played in this show


Artist: Psy
Song: Gangnam Style
Composer: Park Jae-Sang, Yoo Gun Hyung
Album: Gangnam Style
Label: School Boy

Animal Collective
Artist: Animal Collective
Song: Moon Jock, Wide Eyed, New Town Burnout, Mercury Man, Pulleys
Composer: Animal Collective
Album: Centipede HZ
Label: Domino/EMI

Artist: Fifty Foot Hose
Songs: If Not This Time
Composer: David Blossom
Album: Cauldron
Label: Radioactive Records

Artist: The Chills
Songs: Pink Frost
Composer: Martyn Bull-Terry Moore-Martin Phillipps
Album: Kaleidoscope World
Label: Flying Nun


Artist: Sharkness
Song: Cobra Jacket
Composer: Robin Hinkley
Album: Coat of Arms
Label: Self Released



The Body Lyre
Artist: The Body Lyre
Song: Blood
Composer: The Body Lyre
Album: Blood/Work
Label: Self-released (Bandcamp)

Artist: The Body Lyre
Song: Work
Composer: The Body Lyre
Album: Blood/Work
Label: Self-released (Bandcamp)

Artist: The Body Lyre
Song: Chainsmoker
Composer: The Body Lyre
Album: Escape Songs
Label: Mole


Introducing: Autumn Splendour
Artist: Autumn Splendour
Song: Claire
Composer: Autumn Splendour
Album: Claire


Listener Favourites of 2012
Artist: Jens Lekman
Song: I Know What Love Isn't
Composer: Lekman
Album: I Know What Love Isn't
Label: Secretly Canadian

Artist: Zen Mantra
Song: Fossils
Composer: Perry
Album: How Many Padmes Hum
Label: Muzai

Artist: Tom Lark
Song: Give You All My Lovin
Composer: Lark
Album: Tom Lark EP

Artist: Shawn Colvin
Song; All Fall Down
Composer: Shawn Colvin and John Leventhal
Album: All Fall Down

Artist: Bumps
Song: Can You See
Composer: McEntire, Herndon, Bitney
Album: Bumps
Label: Stones Throw



Artist: The Honey Drippers
Song; Impeach The President
Composer: The Honey Drippers
Album: Funk 45 Sessions
Label: Union Square


Artist: Minuit
Song: Last Night You Saw This Band, Book of The Dead, Sit Down Beside Me, What We Know, Islands, Stories For Boys.
Composer: Minuit
Album: Last Night You Saw This Band
Label: Minuit Productions


Artist: A Place To Bury Strangers
Song; You Are The One
Composer: Oliver Ackermann
Album: Worship
Label: Dead Oceans


The Datsuns: In Session at Roundhead
Artist: The Datsuns
Song: Gods Are Bored, Helping Hands, Gold Halo
Composer: The Datsuns
Album: unreleased
Label: Recorded Live by Radio NZ National


Gig Guide
Artist:Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Song: Going Up Country
Composer: B White, A Wilson.
Album: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Label: Sunday Best

Artist: Gold Panda
Song: Same Dream China
Composer: Gold Panda
Album: Lucky Shiner
Label: Universal Music

Artist:Knights of The Dub Table
Song: Living Care Free
Composer: R. Hedley, T. Heal
Album: Tronic EP
Label: Flax Roots Records

Artist: Nathan Haines ft Marlena Shaw
Song: Squire for Hire
Composer: Nathan Haines, Marlena Shaw
Album: Squire For Hire
Label: Festival Mushroom

Artist:Gaslamp Killer ft. Adrian Younge and MRR
Song: Dead Vets
Album: Breakthrough
Label: Brainfeeder



Music 101 Favourites for 2012
Artist: Dr John
Song: Kingdom of Izzness
Composer: Dr John
Album: Locked Down

Artist: Rodriguez
Song: Cause
Album: Searching For Sugarman OST
Label:Light In the Attic

Artist: Patty Smith
Song: April Fool
Composer: Patty Smith
Album: Banga
Label: Columbia

Artist: Swans
Song: Warrior
Album: The Seer
Label: Young Gods

Artist: Tipene
Song: West Side Hori
Composer: Tipene
Album: West Side Hori

Artist: Watercolours
Song: Night Swimmer
Composer: Jade
Album: Night Swimmer

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Song: Coming Home
Composer: Cohen/ Leonard
Album: Old Ideas
Label: Columbia

Artist: Death Grips
Song: Pop
Composer: Death Grips
Album: No Love Deep Web

Artist: Opossom
Song: Getaway Tonight
Composer: Nielson
Album: Electric Hawaii
Label: CRS

Artist: Homebrew
Song: Dedication To
Composer: Tom Scott, Harry Huavi
Album: Homebrew
Label: Young Gifted and Broke

Artist: Ariana Tikao
Song: Te Heke
Composer: Tikao
Album: From Dust To Light

Artist: Lawrence Arabia
Song: The 03
Composer: Milne
Album: The Sparrow
Label: Honorary Bedouin

Artist: Heart Attack Alley
Song: Spit It Out
Composer: Heart Attack Alley
Album: Living In Hell
Label: Voodoo Rhythm

Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Song: We Know Who UR
Composer: Cave
Album: We Know Who U R
Label: Inertia

Artist: Grizzly Bear
Song: Sleeping Ute
Composer: Grizzly Bear
Album: Shields
Label: Warp

Artist: Frank Ocean
Song: Super Rich Kids
Composer: Breaux, Roy Hammond, Ho, Thebe Kgositsile, Mark Morales, Kirk Robinson, Nat Robinson Jr., Mark C. Rooney
Album: Channel Orange
Label: Def Jam