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Grammy Award-winning prog-rockers YES arrive in New Zealand for the first time next month.
Formed in London in 1968, YES helped change the sound of UK music - they were amongst the original pioneers of prog-rock. Twenty studio albums later, YES is still a hard working band. Founding member and bassist Chris Squire joins us on Music 101 to talk about a career that has been close to the edge and back again.


Yes, live in 2011

Kimmo Pohjonen
Finnish avant-garde accordionist talks about following the family tradition, farmyard sounds, and accordion wrestling.

Cubano Be! Cubano Bop!
Mexican-American conga master Poncho Sanchez visited with his Latin jazz band to play the influential 1947 works of trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and Afro-Cuban percussionist Chano Pozo. Poncho Sanchez tells us of his love for the rhythms of Latin America.

kimmo pohjonen

3 - 4pm

Pasifika Festival 2012
We take you side-of-stage for the opening of Auckland's 20th annual celebration of all things Pacific.


The Sampler: Alabama 3
Nick Bollinger talks about holiness and hedonism with Rob Spragg a.k.a Larry Love of the Alabama 3.

Heavy Metal Ninjas
Shy shredder Richie Allan talks about his work with the Kora brothers in Heavy Metal Ninjas, his Steve Vai infatuation, and gives us an insight into the technicalities of his chosen genre.

Heavy Metal Ninjas Part#2 from Filmthemusic on Vimeo.

Introducing: Pseudorobustus

Gig Guide

4 - 5pm

Tony Visconti lecturing at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid SpainFour Titans Part 2 : Tony Visconti and Nile Rodgers
Four of the biggest names in popular music production - talk about their lives in music as part of the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid 2011.
Tony Visconti has produced everyone from Iggy Pop to The Stranglers, The Manic Street Preachers to Elaine Page - but it's David Bowie that Visconti is most closely associated with, playing a large part in much of Bowie's seminal work, kicking off in 1969 with Space Oddity. Nile Rodgers took his band Chic from the Studio 54 excesses of the '70s Disco Explosion to a multitude of excesses the world over. These individuals share some of their most intimate stories, affable anecdotes, and honest accounts of their lives.

Kevin Field
He's an accomplished local jazz pianist whose latest record began life as a response to a near-death experience. When Field got out of hospital he headed over to Nathan Haines' house and laid down Cousin Morphine. It was the first composition of a series that would become an album called Field Of Vision. The composer and teacher talks about his love of Herbie Hancock who, like Field, began playing classical repertoire before disappearing down the jazz rabbit hole.

Music played in this show


Artist: Yes
Song: Cinema
Album: Yes
Label: Atco

Interview: Chris Squire from Yes

Artist: Yes
Song: Heart Of The Sunrise
Composer: Anderson-Squire-Bruford
Album: The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: Yes
Song: I've Seen All Good People
Composer: Anderson
Album : The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: Yes
Song : Every Little Thing
Composer: Lennon McArtney
Album: Yes (Expanded & Remastered)
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: Yes
Song Title: Yours Is No Disgrace
Composer: Yes
Album Title: The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Label:     Atlantic Records

Artist: Yes
Song Title: Roundabout
Composer: Anderson Howe
Album Title: The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Label:     Atlantic Records

Artist: Yes
Song: Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Composer: Rabin, Anderson, Squire, Horn
Album: The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist:     Yes
Song: We Can Fly
Composer: Horn. Downes. Squire
Album: Fly From Here
Label: Frontiers Records

Artist: Yes
Song: It Can Happen [Single Edit]
Composer: Squire – Anderson - Rabin
Album : The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: King Crimson
Song: Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Part 2
Composer: Fripp  
Album: Lark’s Tongues in Aspic-
Label: EG

Interview: Kimmo Pohjonen

Artist: Kimmo Pohjonen
Song: Keko
Composer: Pohjonen
Album: Kluster
Label: Rockadillo

Artist: Kimmo Pohjonen
Composer:Pohjonen/Mostelleto/ Gunn
Label: Rockadillo

Artist: Kronos Quartet
Song: Sarma
Composer: Pohjonen/ Kosminen
Album: Unicos

Artist: Kimmo Pohjonen
Song: Earth Machine Music
Composer: Pohjonen
Album: Live Recording
Label: n/a


Artist: Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra
Song: Manteca
Composer: Gillespie/Pozo
Album: The History Of Jazz - the Be Bop revolution
Label: Prism

Interview: Poncho Sanchez - Cubano Be! Cubano Bop!

Artist: Poncho Sanchez and Terence Blanchard
Song: Chano Pozo Medley – Tin Tin Deo/ Manteca/ Guachi Guaro
Composer: Gillespie/Pozo/Fuller
Album: Chano Y Dizzy
Label: Concord

Artist: Tito Puente
Song: El Mambo Diablo
Composer: Puente
Album: El Rey
Label: Fania

Artist: Poncho Sanchez
Song: Guapacha
Composer: Trad
Album: Afro-Cuban Fantasy
Label: Concord

Artist: Poncho Sanchez
Song: Cantaloupe Island
Composer: Hancock
Album: Psychedelic Blues
Label: Concord


Artist: Jack Costanzo
Song: La La La
Composer: Curbelo
Album: Mr Bongo
Label: Vogue


Report: Pacifika Festival Opening

Artist: Iva Lamkum
Song: Blue Blue Butterfly
Composer: Iva Lamkum
Album: N/A
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Drums of the Pacific Multi-Cultural Dance Group
Song: Meitaki Nui
Composer: Traditional
Album: N/A
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Dam Native
Song: Cracked It
Composer: Dam Native
Album: Aotearoa…Nobody Does It better
Label: Heart Music


Artist: Dusty Springfield
Song: Son of a Preacher Man
Composer: Hurley, Wilkins
Album: Dusty In Memphis
Label: Rhino

The Sampler: Alabama 3, interview with Larry Love

Artist: Alabama 3
Songs: Woke Up This Morning, Hypo Full Of Love, You Don’t Dance 2 Tekno Anymore, Mao Tse Tung Said
Composer: Alabama 3
Album: Exile On Coldharbour Lane
Label: Elemental

Artist: Alabama 3
Songs: Woke Up This Morning, Let The Caged Bird Sing
Composer: Alabama 3
Album: Last Train To Mashville Vol. 2
Label: One Little Indian


Artist: Kora
Song: Story Ain’t Over
Composer: Kora
Album: Unreleased
Label: n/a

Interview: Heavy Metal Ninjas

Artist: Heavy Metal Ninjas
Song: The Author, Red Shift, M45, What If
Composer: Richie Allan
Album: Heavy Metal Ninjas (EP)
Label: Warner

Artist: Steve Vai
Song: For The Love Of God
Composer: Vai
Album: Passion And Warfare
Label: Sony

Introducing: Pseudorobustus

Artist: Pseudorobustus
Song: The LHD
Composer: Pseudorobustus
Album: Pseudorobustus


Artist: The Puddle
Song: Hydrogen
Composer: Henderson
Album: Secret Holiday/ Victory Blues
Label: Fishrider

Artist: Ryan Adams
Song:Please Do Not Let Me Go
Composer: Adams
Album: Love is Hell
Label: Lost Highway

Gig Guide bed

Artist: Frank Turner  
Song: I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
Composer: Turner  
Album: Love Ire & Song
Label: Epitaph

Artist: Lord Echo  
Song: Blueberry Jam
Composer: August
Album: Melodies
Label: Economy

Artist:  Orchestra Of Spheres
Song: Bogan In The Forest
Composer: Orchestra Of Spheres
Album: Numbers EP
Label: Sound Explorers


Artist: Iggy Pop
Song: China Girl
Composer: Bowie/Pop
Album: The Idiot
Label: Virgin

Artist: David Bowie
Song: China Girl
Composer: Bowie/Pop
Album: Let's Dance
Label: Virgin

Four Titans Part 2 : Tony Visconti and Nile Rodgers

Music Details To Come

Artist: The Trammps
Song: Disco Inferno
Composer: Green
Album: Disco Inferno
Label: Atlantic

Interview: Kevin Field

Artist: Kevin Field
Song: Cousin Morphine, Mr Latin, Le Grand, Superstar
Composer: Kevin Field
Album: Field Of Vision
Label: Haven Music/Warner Music New Zealand

Artist: Nathan Haines
Song: Ancestral Dance
Composer: Haines
Album: The Poets Embrace
Label: Warner

Artist: Julie Andrews
Song: A Spoonful Of Sugar
Composer: R Sherman/R Sheman
Album: Mary Poppins
Label Walt Disney