Saturday August 7

2-3 pm

We hear from sex bomb Tom Jones about his latest offering - which may surprise you...

Nesian Mystik have had an almost decade long career including 11 top ten singles. Now the band is calling it a day. In this exit interview, Junior and Donny discuss trials and tribulations such as illegal downloads and the new, final, album. Listen here.

Visit Kiwi-Japanese musician Kat McDowell in Tokyo where she hopes to use her bilingual music to build bridges between cultures.

3-4 pm

Nick Bollinger reviews two new blues albums - from unlikely sources...

Forest City Lovers are not so much urban Canadian tree-huggers as well-travelled, street smart indie folksters. They discuss their lovely new album, the difficulties of touring that vast country, and the difference between Canadians and Americans.

4-5 pm

The Secret Life of the Ukulele

Karl Steven investigates the toddler of stringed instruments, the fearsome ukulele, exploring its past, present, and future, with particular attention to its unique place here in the South Pacific. Karl will find out about the different types of uke, visit a ukulele factory to hear how ukes get made, expose how they are sneaking into our classrooms and talk to the players who make ukulele their business. There is also plenty of ukulele music old and new, as well as a special interview and performance by the late great ukulele virtuoso Sione Aleki.

Punk-influenced rockers The Outsiders pick up where their earlier bands Ritalin and Not Quite Right left off... treading the fine line between fame and obscurity. Listen here.