Saturday 24 October

Nick Bollinger reviews an eclectic debut by a group of young black South Africans, BLK JKS.

We meet some of the directors behind the increasingly sophisticated D.I.Y. music videos being judged this week in the Handle The Jandal competition.

The Spaghetti Western Orchestra use over 100 instruments in their show - including nail clippers, coat hangers and bicycle pumps in their their tribute to The Wild West. Hear it here!

New Zealand singer-songwriter Steve Abel had the dubious honour of taking out the Saddest Song in the World Competition recently, showing the Berliners just what melancholy is.

Nick Bollinger reviews the debut release from Auckland-based choir Jubilation.

And find out about a new digital instrument - the Brick Table - which converts touch to sound. (Hear the other part of this interview go here)

The Secret Life of Wedding Singers and DJs
The soundtrack to a white wedding goes beyond organ recitals of 'Here Comes the Bride' and 'Oh, What a Night' on repeat. The entertainers hired to get the party started try to ensure that the whole wedding party celebrates the union in style. Sam Wicks goes behind the scenes of the wedding industry, to talk to the performers who provide the music for marital knees-ups.

We speak to Calexico collaborator, French Chanteuse Marianne Dissard;

and new music, news and tour announcements.

Sofia Jenny and Emma Forster's entry to Handle The Jandal