We have an interview with Brooklyn trippers MGMT.

Access All Areas considers the business of Michael Jackson.

Nick Bollinger listens to the latest of Jack White's supergroups - The Dead Weather - with fellow Raconteur Jack Lawrence, Queens Of The Stone Age's Dean Fertita, and the charasmatic Alison Mosshart, from The Kills.

Strike: we find out what happens when four percussionists collaborate with master improviser and comedian Adam Page (listen to Kathryn Ryan's interview with Adam here)

The Secret Life of Theatre Music Composers: Theatre music composers have possibly the most challenging task in their industry - to create the equivalent of an album of original material which suits the play it will accompany. The music is experienced 'live', but only for as long as the length of a season, and is almost never recorded for sale… and it all has to be done in a matter of weeks. Julie Hill speaks to some of the talented folk who create soundtracks for stage in The Secret Life of Theatre Music Composers.

And hear a session from Dunedin originals The Puddle.

(listen to Kim Hill's 'Playing Favourites' with George D Henderson here)

Adam Page

Adam Page