December 20

The condition of being flat-broke is pretty much a perennial theme in music, and with that in mind, Access All Areas this week searches out old songs for the new depression.

And as an antidote, Wellington band the Sing Songs will come in to sing us some cute Christmas-ey songs of hope and cheer, as well as some of their own intriguing twee-pop numbers.

Christchurch band Kimo, formerly known as Eskimo, talk about their perfectly-formed pop album 'Surrender'

People often go to the country to smell the roses and simply listen. But what about the grimy urban centers? Sound enthusiasts argue our cities are more than a cacophony of idling buses and grinding gears, in fact there is a narrative of sound to find as humans and their environment collide. Join us for a soundwalk through the city and rediscover the music of the metropolis.

4.10pm Nick Bollinger rounds up a few of the albums he missed when they were released earlier in the year, including a vocal set from New York violinist Jenny Scheinman, a fresh crop of bluegrass from Boston-based Crooked Still, and Latin R&B from LA's Ersi Arvizu and New Orleans' The Iguanas.

And we'll be playing a few of our favourite tunes released in 2008. Send us your top lists to be in to win those Big Day Out tickets.