30 Jun 2021

Wellington weather: What's happened at Breaker Bay

From Morning Report, 7:13 am on 30 June 2021

Residents of Wellington's Breaker Bay are breathing a sigh of relief after large waves forecast for the city's south coast last night weren't as severe as predicted.

Heavy sea swells of up to eight metres had been forecast for Wellington's south coast, causing a local state of emergency to be declared for the city's Southern and Eastern wards.

People from about 70 houses at Breaker Bay were told to evacuate - though not everyone did, with some choosing to stay.

One resident, Kenny Jean who stayed put last night said she felt more relaxed after high tide had passed and went to bed at midnight.

Sightseers caused problems for authorities last night.

Carparks all along the south coast were full of people with their headlights on the water watching the waves roll in.

Some eager to get past the roadblocks even disguised themselves in fluro jackets.

In Owhiro Bay one man had to be told to move along when he was taking his seven-year-old child for a late night stroll along the coastline.

Another car load was so busy trying to see the waves they almost swerved off the road and were pulled over by police.

Reporter Harry Lock is at Breaker Bay.