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Matinee Idle Playlist for Waitangi Day, 2015

12.10pm - 1pm

Time: 12.18
Artist: The Secret Sisters
Title: Why Baby Why
Composer: Edwards/Jones
Album: The Secret Sisters
Label: Decca/Universal

Time: 12.21
Artist: The Beatles
Title: Tell Me Why
Composer: Lennon/McCarney
Album: A Hard Day's Night
Label: Parlophone

Time: 12.27
Artist: John Holt
Title: Island in the Sun
Composer: Belafonte/Burgess
Album: Let it Go On
Label: Trojan

Time: 12.33
Artist: The Ivy League
Title: That's Why I'm Crying
Composer: Unknown
Album: Major League
Label: Sanctuary

Time: 12.38
Artist: Yma Sumac
Title: Ataypura
Composer: Vivanco
Album: Voice of the Xtabay
Label: Capitol

Time: 12.43
Artist: Ike & Tina Turner
Title: A Fool in Love
Composer: Turner
Album: River Deep Mountain High
Label: A&M

Time: 12.47
Artist: Manhattan Transfer
Title: I Know Why
Composer: Warren/Gordon
Album: Swing
Label: Atlantic

Time: 12.51
Artist: Y&T
Title: Mean Streak
Composer: Y&T
Album: Mean Streak
Label: A&M

Time: 12.56
Artist: George Michael
Title: Careless Whisper
Composer: Ridgeley/Michael
Album: The Greatest Love
Label: Telstar

1pm - 2pm

Time: 1.08
Artist: Jess Conrad
Title: Why am I Living?
Composer: Conrad
Album: Jess for You
Label: Decca

Time: 1.12
Artist: P.P. Arnold
Title: The First Cut is the Deepest
Composer: Stevens
Album: First Lady of Immediate
Label: Immediate

Time: 1.17
Artist: Clarence "Frogman" Henry
Title: (I Don't Know Why) But I Do
Composer: Guidry/Gayten
Album: Come On Let's Go
Label: Pye

Time: 1.21
Artist: Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias
Title: Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie
Composer: Sleek
Album: Mandrax Sunset Variations
Label: Castle

Time: 1.28
Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Title: Lively Up Yourself
Composer: Marley
Album: Soul Shakedown
Label: Blumountain

Time: 1.33
Artist: Elvis Costello
Title: Please Mr Kennedy
Composer: Burnett/Coen/Coen/Cromarty/Rush/Timberlake
Album: Another Day, Another Time
Label: Nonesuch

Time: 1.40
Artist: Demis Roussos
Title: Race to The End
Composer: Vangelis
Album: Songs From an Island in the Sun
Label: Universal

Time: 1.47
Artist: Edith Piaf
Title: Les Trois Cloches (The Tree Bells)
Composer: Reisfield/Villard
Album: Hymn to Love
Label: EMI

Time: 1.52
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Title: Rehab
Composer: Winehouse
Album: Back to Black
Label: Universal

Time: 1.57
Artist: Crowbar
Title: Too True Mama
Composer: Jay
Album: Bad Manors
Label: Paramount

2pm - 3pm

Time: 2.04
Artist: Eli 'Paperboy' Reed and the True Loves
Title: Stake Your Claim
Composer: Reed
Album: Roll With You
Label: Q Division Records

Time: 2.08
Artist: Tama Waipara
Title: Golden Bullet
Composer: Waipara
Album: Sir Plus and the Requirements
Label: Tama

Time: 2.15
Artist: Joe Ely
Title: That's Why I Love You Like I Do
Composer: Ely
Album: Streets of Sin
Label: Rounder

Time: 2.21
Artist: Gilbert O'Sullivan
Title: Why Oh Why Oh Why
Composer: O'Sullivan
Album: Nothing But the Best
Label: Interfusion

Time: 2.36
Artist: Gene Vincent
Title: Why Don't You People Learn To Drive?
Composer: Noble
Album: The Capitol Years
Label: Charly

Time: 2.41
Artist: The Village People
Title: YMCA
Composer: Morali/Berolo/Willis
Album: Best Of
Label: Mercury

Time: 2.45
Artist: Harry Nilsson
Title: I'd Rather be Dead
Composer: Nilsson
Album: Son of Schmilsson
Label: RCA

Time: 2.50
Artist: Beck
Title: Turn Away
Composer: Beck
Album: Morning Phase
Label: Capitol

Time: 2.55
Artist: Bob Marley
Title: Smoke Two Joints
Composer: Kay
Album: Live

Time: 2.58
Artist: Pete Seeger
Title: Song of Joy
Composer: Preston/Boutte

3pm - 4pm

Time: 3.28
Artist: Postmodern Jukebox
Title Wake Me Up
Composer: Blacc/Pournourni/Einziger/Bergling
Album: Twist is the New Twerk
Label: Unknown

Time: 3.33
Artist: Tom Petty
Title: So You Want to be a Rock n Roll Star (Why?)
Composer: Hillman/McGuinn
Album: The Ultimate Rock Album
Label: Foundation

Time: 3.39
Artist: ? and the Mysterians
Title: Do Something To Me
Composer: Calvert/Marzano/Naumann
Album: Mindrockers Vol. 11
Label: Line

Time: 3.43
Artist: Shirley Ray
Title: Why Don't You Come Home?
Composer: Unknown
Album: And the Answer is...
Label: Bear Family Records

Time: 3.50
Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Composer: Wilson
Album: The Capitol Years
Label: EMI

Time: 3.53
Artist: The Hot Rod Gang
Title: Sexbomb
Composer: Guendogu
Album: Silver Wedding
Label: Part

Time: 3.57
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Title: I Don't Know Why I Love You
Composer: Hunter/Hardaway/Wonder/Riser
Album: Love Songs
Label: Motown

4pm - 5pm

Time: 4.06
Artist: Swamp Thing
Title: Hand in a Hole
Composer: Barker/Haua
Album: Primordium

Time: 4.10
Artist: Shawn Colvin
Title: I Don't Know Why
Composer: Colvin
Album: Polaroids
Label: Columbia

Time: 4.18
Artist: Father John Misty
Title: Nancy From Now On
Composer: Tillman
Album: Fear Fun
Label: Subpop

Time: 4.22
Artist: Tiny Tim
Title: Why?
Composer: Marcucci/DeAngelis
Album: God Bless Tiny Tim
Label: Rhino

Time: 4.27
Artist: Lynard Skynard
Title: Sweet Home Alabama
Composer: King/Rossington/Van Zant
Album: Second Helping
Label: MCA

Time: 4.32
Artist: Tony Joe White
Title: Wonder Why I Feel So Bad
Composer: White/White
Album: Beginning
Label: Audium

Time: 4.38
Artist: Deja Vu
Title: Why, Why, Why
Composer: Ashworth/Scanlon
Artist: The Best of Cowboy Records
Label: Cowboy Records

Time: 4.43
Artist: The Mills Brothers
Title: Gloria
Composer: Rene
Album: Best Of
Label: Pro-Arte

Time: 4.47
Artist: Lee Dorsey
Title: Ya Ya
Composer: Robinson/Dorsey/Lewis
Album: Holy Cow
Label: Snapper

Time: 4.50
Artist: Raul Malo
Title: So Sad
Composer: Everly
Album: You're Only Lonely
Label: Sanctuary

Time: 4.55
Artist: Annie Crummer
Title: Language
Composer: Crummer
Album: Single
Label: Unknown