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Time: 12.37
Artist: Tommy Emmanuel
Title: Mary Had A Little Jam
Composer: Emmanuel
Album: Collaboration
Label: Sony

Time: 12.45
Artist: Mary Hopkins
Title: Goodbye
Composer: Hopkins
Album: Come and Get It
Label: Apple

Time: 12.48
Artist: Justin Timberlake & Oscar Isaac
Title: Please Mr Kennedy
Composer: Rush, Coen, Cromarty, Coen, Timberlake, Burnett,
Album: Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack
Label: Nonesuch

Time: 12.51
Artist: Big Country & Kate Bush
Title: The Seer
Composer: Adamson, Butler
Album: The Seer
Label: Universal

Time: 12.58
Artist: Tito Rodriguez
Title: The Magnificent Seven
Composer: Bernstein
Album: Tanzmusik
Label: Music & Melody  


Time: 1.07
Artist: Dave Edmunds
Title: Goodbye Mr Good Guy
Composer: Murray, Meager
Album: Repeat When Necessary
Label: Rhino

Time: 1.14
Artist: Robin Sparkles
Title: The Beaver Song
Composer: N/A
Album: How I Met Your Mother soundtrack
Label: 20th Century Fox

Time: 1.17
Artist: Supertramp
Title: Goodbye Stranger
Composer: Davies, Hodgson
Album: Magnolia
Label: Reprise

Time: 1.24
Artist: Jay Ferguson
Title: Thunder Island
Composer: Ferguson
Album: Thunder Island
Label: Asylum

Time: 1.30
Artist: Jeff Lynn
Title: Don’t Say Goodbye
Composer: Lynn
Album: Armchair Theatre
Label: Frontiers

Time: 1.34
Artist: Mink DeVille
Title: Spanish Stroll
Composer: DeVille
Album: Cabretta
Label: Raven

Time: 1.39
Artist: The Miracles
Title: What’s So Good About Goodbye?
Composer: Robinson
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Label: Motown

Time: 1.45
Artist: Keira Knightley
Title: Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home
Composer: Alexander, Lashley
Album: Begin Again: Music from and inspired by the Original Motion Picture
Label: Universal  

Time: 1.52
Artist: The Olympics
Title: Bye Bye Baby
Composer: The Olympics
Album: Collectors Gold Series
Label: Trigger

Time: 1.56
Artist: Southern Culture on the Skids
Title: 40 Miles to Vegas
Composer: Miller
Album: Plastic Seat Sweat
Label: Geffen



Time: 2.06
Artist: Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band
Title: There Will Come A Time
Composer: Zappa
Album: The Very Best Of
Label: N/A

Time: 2.17
Artist: Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band
Title: Everyone Know
Composer: Findlater, Luther, Hooper
Album: The Very Best Of
Label: N/A

Time: 2.22
Artist: Jeff Beck and Imelda May
Title: Bye Bye Blue
Composer: Hamm, Bennett, Lown, Gray
Album: Rock ‘n’ Roll Party
Label: Atlantic

Time: 2.25
Artist: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Title: Zabadak!
Composer: Blaikley, Howard
Album: The Best Of
Label: Karussell

Time: 2.31
Artist: Captain Tractor
Title: The Hallelujah song
Composer: Dobbin
Album: North of the Yellowhead  
Label: Six Shooter Records

Time: 2.35
Artist: Shelley Fabares
Title: Johnny Loves me
Composer: Man, Weil
Album: The Thing We Did Last Summer
Label: Collectables

Time: 2.38
Artist: Thomas Bergersen
Title: Immortal
Composer: Bergersen
Album: Illusions
Label: N/A

Time: 2.44
Artist: Duckworth Lewis Method/Pugwash  
Title: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
Composer: Ruffin
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

Time: 2.49
Artist: Julie Lamb
Title: When We Hang Out
Composer: Lamb
Album: When We Hang Out
Label: Julie Lamb

Time: 2.54
Artist: The Searchers
Title: Goodbye My Love
Composer: Pender, The Searchers
Album: The Pye Anthology
Label: Castle

Time: 2.57
Artist: Bryan Ferry Orchestra
Title: Virginia Plain
Composer: Ferry
Album: The Jazz Age
Label: Cooking Vinyl


Time: 3.31
Artist: Karl Denver
Title: Never Goodbye
Composer: Denver
Album: The Best of Karl Denver
Label: Spectrum

Time: 3.35
Artist: The Sweet
Title: Wig-Wam Bam
Composer: Chinn, Chapman
Album: The Best Of
Label: Capitol

Time: 3.39
Artist: Def Leppard
Title: Release Me
Composer: Collen, Clark, Savage, Allen, Mortimer
Album: Hysteria
Label: Mercury

Time: 3.47
Artist: The Divinyls
Title: I Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore
Composer: Burton, Sawyer
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: EMI

Time: 3.50
Artist: The Blasters
Title: So Long Baby Goodbye
Composer: Alvin
Album: The blasters
Label: Rhino

Time: 3.54
Artist: The Bosnians
Title: The Manchester Rap
Composer: The Bosnians
Album: The Manchester Rap
Label: Wagon Records

Time: 3.58
Artist: Was (Not Was)
Title: Hello Dad… I’m In Jail
Composer: Was, Was
Album: Hello Dad… I’m In Jail
Label: Polygram


Time: 4.07
Artist: The Undertones
Title: Teenage Kids
Composer: The Undertones
Album: Beautiful Game
Label: Universal

Time: 4.10
Artist: The Tremeloes
Title: Silence is Golden
Composer: Crewe, Gaudio
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Label: Castle

Time: 4.14
Artist: Bobby Goldsboro
Title: Summer (The First Time)
Composer: Goldsboro
Album: Summer The First Time
Label: Curb

Time: 4.22
Artist: Nightwish
Title: The Phantom of the Opera
Composer: Lloyd-Webber, Rice
Album: Century
Label: Spinefarm

Time: 4.26
Artist: Lesley Gore
Title: Goodbye Tony (You Don’t Own Me)
Composer: Madara
Album: It’s My Party
Label: Bear Family

Time: 4.28
Artist: Jenifer Lawrence
Title: The Hanging Tree
Composer: Collins, Fraites, Schultz
Album: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Label: Republic

Time: 4.34
Artist: SBTRKT Feat Little Dragon
Title: Wildfire
Composer: Jerome, Nagano, Bodin, Wallin, Werling
Album: Self titled
Label: Young Turks

Time: 4.41
Artist: Art Gibson
Title: No More Records
Composer: Gibson
Album: One More Records Please
Label: Bear Family

Time: 4.44
Artist: Metronomy
Title: A Thing For Me
Composer: Metronomy
Album: Nights out
Label: Because

Time: 4.48
Artist: Ogden Edsl
Title: Dead Puppies
Composer: Frezer, Edsl
Album: Stuffed
Label: Oglio

Time: 4.50
Artist: Crowbar
Title: House of Blue Lights
Composer: Raye, Slack
Album: Bad Manors
Label: Paramount

Time: 4.53
Artist: Mo’ Horizons
Title: Hit The Road Jack
Composer: Mayfield
Album: Hit The Road Jack
Label: Stereo Deluxe