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Time: 12:11
Artist: Danny Gatton
Title: The Simpsons
Album: 88 Elmira st
Composer: Elfman
Label: Columbia

Time: 12:18
Artist: The Kinks
Title: Father Christmas
Album: Greatest Hits 1970
Composer: Davies
Label: Koch

Time: 12:24
Artist: Bobby Darin
Title: Hello Young Lovers
Album: Artist Collection
Composer: Rodgers/Hammerstein
Label: EMI

Time: 12:30
Artist: The Sopwith Camel
Title: Hello Hello
Album: The Sopwith Camel
Composer: Kramer, Macneil
Label: Kama Sutra

Time: 12:35
Artist: The Waco Brothers
Title: Baba O'Riley
Album: Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years oof Bloodshot Records
Composer: Townshend
Label: Bloodshot

Time: 12:38
Artist: Joe Cocker
Title: Marjorine
Album: The Best Of Joe Cocker
Composer: Cocker
Label: EMI

Time: 12:46
Artist: Post Modern Jukebox
Title: Blurred Lines
Album: Twist Is The New Twerk
Composer: Cliffor Harris/Pharrel Williams/Robin Thicke
Label: Slimstyle

Time: 12:53
Artist: The Buffoons
Title: My World Fell down
Album: Singles
Composer: Carter-Lewis
Label: B.R.

Time: 12:56
Artist: The King Brothers
Title: Wake Up Little Suzy
Album: The Very Best of The King Brothers
Composer: Boudleaux Bryant/Felice Bryant
Label: EMI

Time: 13:08
Artist: Mary Black
Title: Anachie Gordon
Album: Mary Black Twenty Five Years Twenty Five Songs
Composer: Trad
Label: Three U

Time: 13:17
Artist: The White Stripes
Title: Hello Operator
Album: De Stijl
Composer: Jack White
Label: Warner Bros.

Time: 13:22
Artist: The Dandy Warhols
Title: Evryday Should be a Holiday
Album: Come Down
Composer: Courtney Taylor
Label: Capitol

Time: 13:31
Artist: Chet Aitkins
Title: Hello Ma Baby
Album: Stringin' Along with Chet Aitkins
Composer: Emerson/Howard
Label: RCA

Time: 13:31
Artist: Larry Williams
Title: Slow Down
Album: Larry Williams
Composer: Larry Williams
Label: Specialty

Time: 13:40
Artist: John Prine
Title: Hello in There
Album: John Prine
Composer: John Prine
Label: Atlantic

Time: 13:46
Artist: The Go Gos
Title: Cool Jerk
Album: Greatest
Composer: Donald Storbal
Label: I.R.S Records

Time: 13:46
Artist: Joan Osborne
Title: My Love is Alive
Album: Righteous Love
Composer: Gary Wright
Label: Interscope

Time: 13:57
Artist: Those Darn Accordians
Title: Baba O'Riley
Album: No Strings Attached
Composer: Townshend
Label: Globe Records

Time: 14:08
Artist: Hello
Title: New York Groove
Album: New York Groove: The Best of Hello
Composer: Russ Ballard
Label: Music Club International Records

Time: 14:12
Artist: The Tremeloes
Title: Hello World
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Composer: Tony Hazzard
Label: Castle

Time: 14:17
Artist: Albert Brooks
Title: Phonecall to America
Album: A Star is Bought
Composer: Albert Brooks
Label: Asylum

Time: 14:22
Artist: Faith No More
Title: We Care A Lot
Album: Epic
Composer: Faith No More
Label: Flashback

Time: 14:27
Artist: Charlie Dore
Title: Mr Williams
Album: Cuckoo Hill
Composer: Charlie Dore
Label: MSI Music Distribution/Black Ink Records

Time: 14:38
Artist: Captain and Tenille
Title: Cuddle Up
Album: Captain and Tenille
Composer: Dennis Wilson/DarylDragon
Label: A and M

Time: 14:44
Artist: The Bonzo Dog Band
Title: Hello Mabel
Album: The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse
Composer: Neil Innes
Label: Toshiba EMI

Time: 14:46
Artist: The Shins
Title: Turn On Me
Album: Wincing the Night Away
Label: Sub Pop

Time: 14:50
Artist: Paul Williams
Title: The Family of Man
Album: Songs for the Family of Man
Composer: Paul Williams
Label: Raven

Time: 14:56
Artist: Pink Turtle
Title: We Will Rock You
Album: Back Again
Composer: Brian May
Label: Fremeaux & Associes

Time: 15:42
Artist: Rodger Waters, Van Morrison, The Band
Title: Comfortably Numb
Album: The Departed Music From the Motion Picture
Composer: Rodger Waters/David Gilmour
Label: Warner

Time: 15:54
Artist: Alan Price
Title: England My England
Album: England My England
Composer: Alan Price
Label: Jet Records

Time: 15:58
Artist: Trey Parker/Matt Stone
Title: Montage
Album: Team America World Police Music From the Motion Picture
Label: Atlantic

Time: 16:06
Artist: Morgan James
Title: I Fooled Around and Fell in Love
Composer: Elvin Bishop

Time: 16:12
Artist: Easy Beats
Title: Land of Make Believe
Album: Anthology
Composer: Harry Vanda/George Young
Label: Repertoire

Time: 16:16
Artist: Jeff Lynn
Title:  Beyond the Sea
Album: Long Wave
Composer: A. Lasry/J. Lawrence/Charles Trénet
Label: Frontier Records

Time: 16:20
Artist: The Tremeloes
Title: Call Me Number One
Album: The Tremeloes The Ultimate Collection
Composer: Blakley/Hawkes
Label: Castle

Time: 16:25
Artist: Willy DeVille
Title: Cadillac Walk
Album: Willy DeVille Live
Composer: Moon Martin
Label: East West

Time: 16:33
Artist: Frazey Ford
Title: September Fields
Album: Eclipsed
Composer: Frazey Ford
Label: Uncut

Time: 16:37
Artist: East Village Opera Company
Title: Ebben? Ne Andrò Lontana Redux
Album: East Village Opera Company
Composer: Alfredo Catalani
Label: Universal

Time: 16:52
Artist: Merle Travis
Title: Merle's Boogie Woogie
Album: Hillbilly Music: Thank God!, Vol. 1
Composer: Merle Travis
Label: Bug

Time: 16:55
Artist: The Bonzo Dog Band
Title: Mr Slater's Parrot
Album: The Outro
Composer: Stanshill
Label: EMI

Time: 16:58
Artist: Ray Charles
Title: Hit the Road Jack
Album: The Genius Hits the Road
Composer: Percy Mayfield
Label: Conchord