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Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris present an afternoon of alleged music and dubious entertainment, including:

3:04 You Don't Know Me: Cindy Walker's Legacy

Texas music historians and scholars talk about Cindy Walker's towering - albeit somewhat unknown - legacy on the American musical landscape (KUT)

Music played in this show

Time: 12:14
Artist: The Killer Bananaz
Title: Pipeline

Time: 12:18
Artist: The Rivingtons
Title: Bird's the Word
Album: Super Oldies of the 60's, Vol. 10
Composer: Judi Brown
Label: Audio Fidelity

Time: 12:23
Artist: Skyhooks
Title: Million Dollar Riff
Album: Million Dollar Riff
Composer: Greg Macainsh
Label: Sony

Time: 12:28
Artist: The Duckworth Lewis Method
Title: Boom Boom Afridi
Album: Sticky Wickets
Composer: Hannon
Label: Divine Comedy

Time: 12:33
Artist: Sailor
Title: Out of Money
Album: The Third Step
Composer: Georg Kajanus
Label: Epic Records

Time: 12:38
Artist: Cream
Title: Deserted Cities of the Heart
Album: Live Cream
Composer: Jack Bruce/Pete Brown
Label: Polygram

Time: 12:44
Artist: Gerry Rafferty
Title: Baker Street
Album: Baker Street
Composer: Gerry Rafferty
Label: EMI Gold

Time: 12:47
Artist: Dennis O' Brien
Title: Any Other Face in the Rain
Album: Songs: 1972 to 1982

Time: 12:54
Artist: Even As We Speak
Title: Falling Down the Stairs
Album: Feral Pop Frenzy
Composer: Matt Love
Label: Sarah

Time: 12:56
Artist: Pink Turtle
Title: Money Money Money
Album: Back Again
Composer: Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
Label: Fremeaux

Time: 13:09
Artist: The Little Willies
Title: If you Got the Money I Got the Time
Album: For the Good Times
Composer: Jim Beck/Lefty Frizzell
Label: Blue Note

Time: 13:17
Artist: Tommy Blake
Title: F-olding Money
Album: The Incredibly Strange Record Club, Vol. 1
Composer: Tommy Blake
Label: Righteous

Time: 13:17
Artist: Metronomy
Title: The Bay
Album: The English riviera
Composer: Joseph Mount
Label: Warner

Time: 13:28
Artist: Postmodern Jukebox
Title: Sweater Weather

Time: 13:35
Artist: The Shrangri-Las
Title: Sophisticated Boom Boom
Album: Myrmidons od Melodrama

Time: 13:38
Artist: Jonothan King
Title: Million Dollar Bash
Composer: Bob Dylan

Time: 13:
Artist: Chris Kenner
Title: Land of 1000 Dances
Album: I Like It Like That
Composer: Kenner/Domino
Label: Shout Records

Time: 13:46
Artist: John Prine
Title: Leave the Lights On
Album: Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings
Composer: Prine
Label: Oh Boy

Time: 13:52
Artist: Associates
Title: Party Fears Two
Album: SIngles
Composer: Mackenzie/Rankine
Label: WEarner

Time: 13:56
Artist: The Tubes
Title: Don't Wanna Wait Anymore

Time: 14:06
Artist: Jeff Lynne
Title: Beyond the Sea
Album: Long Wave
Composer: Charles Trénet/Jack Lawrence
Label: Frontiers Records

Time: 14:10
Artist: Emmylou Harris/Don Williams
Title: If I Needed You
Album: Disc 2
Composer: Don Williams
Label: Warner

Time: 14:16
Artist: Lee Diamond
Title: If You Got the Money

Time: 14:20
Artist: Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince
Title: Boom Shake the Room
Album: Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince Greatest Hits
Label: Jive

Time: 14:24
Artist: Miho Sun
Title: Arigato
Album: Memphis Dreamin'
Composer: Miho Wada
Label: Florestar

Time: 14:34
Artist: Miho Sun
Title: Great Train Ride
Album: Memphis Dreamin'
Composer: Miho Wada
Label: Florestar

Time: 14:38
Artist: Muddy Waters
Title: You Need Love
Album: The Chess Box - 3
Composer: Willie Dixon
Label: MCA Records

Time: 14:37
Artist: Imelda May
Title: Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Album: Love Tattoo
Composer: Imelda May
Label: Verve International

Time: 14:47
Artist: Dr Hook
Title: Do Whups

Time: 14:50
Artist: The Ink Spots
Title: With Plenty of Money and You
Album: Golden Greats
Composer: Al Dubin/Harry Warren
Label: Disky

Time: 14:55
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Title: I am Waiting
Album: Aftermath
Composer: Jagger/Richards
Label: Abkco

Time: 14:57
Artist: Big Daddy
Title: Money For Nothing
Album: The Best of Big Daddy
Composer: Mark Knopfler/Sting
Label: Oglio Records/Rhino

Time: 15:30
Artist: Screamin Jay Hawkins
Title: You Made Me Love You
Album: I Put a Spell on You
Composer: James V. Monaco/Joseph McCarthy
Label: Collectables

Time: 15:36
Artist: Stan Freberg
Title: The Great Pretender
Album: Child's Garden of Freberg
Composer: Buck Ram
Label: Capitol

Time: 15:39
Artist: Charles Trenet
Title: Boum!
Album: Jim Sutton Nostalgia
Composer: Charles Trenet
Label: Warner

Time: 15:44
Artist: Warren Zevon
Title: Lawyers Guns and Money
Album: Original Album Series
Composer: Warren Zevon
Label: Warner Bros

Time: 15:47
Artist: Shirley Ellis
Title: The Nitty Gritty
Album: Vintage Music Collectors SeriesVol. 5 and 6
Composer: Lincoln Chase
Label: MCA

Time: 15:54
Artist: Denis Wilson
Title: Forever
Album: Sunflower
Composer: Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson
Label: Reprise Records

Time: 15:57
Artist: The Merced Bluenotes
Title: Whole Lotta Nothing
Album: Get Your Kicks on Route 99
Composer: Gilbert Fraire/Bill Robertson
Label: Ace

Time: 16:05
Artist: John Lee Hooker
Title: Boom, Boom
Album: Boom, Boom (The Originals)
Composer: John Lee Hooker
Label: Busy and Prestige

Time: 16:09
Artist: Le Surfs
Title: Chaque Nuit
Album: C'est Chic! French Girl Singers of the 1960s
Composer: Bobby Russell/Denny Randell/Ralph Bernet

Time: 16:14
Artist: Django Django
Title: WOR
Album: Django Django Debut Album
Label: Because Editions

Time: 16:19
Artist: Kathy Kirby
Title: Secret Love
Album: Very Best of Kathy Kirby
Composer: Kathy Kirby

Time: 16:23
Artist: The Sisters of Mercy
Title: Emma
Album: Floodland
Composer: Brown
Label: Warner

Time: 16:30
Artist: Be Bop Deluxe
Title: Ships in the Night
Album: Sunburst Finish
Composer: Bill Nelson
Label: EMI

Time: 16:39
Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughn
Title: Taxman
Album: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double trouble Greatest Hits
Composer: George Harrison
Label: Epic

Time: 16:44
Artist: Delbert McClinton
Title: Money Honey
Album: Room To Breathe
Composer: Delbert McClinton/Gary Nicholson
Label: New West

Time: 16:49
Artist: The Divine Comedy
Title: The Complete Banker
Album: Bang Goes the Knighthood
Composer: Hannon
Label: DCR

Time: 16:53
Artist: Tony Bennett
Title: Plenty of Money and You
Album: Chicago [Garland]
Composer: Al Dubin/Harry Warren
Label: Blumountain Records

Time: 16:55
Artist: Billy Preston
Title: That's the Way God Planned It
Album: That's the Way God Planned It
Composer: Billy Preston
Label: Apple Records