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Time: 12.37
Artist: Bob Rivers
Title: I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won
Composer: Curtis
Album: Unknown
Label: Unknown

Time: 12.41
Artist: Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Title: Stool Pigeon
Composer: Darnell
Album: Tropical Gangsters
Label: Island

Time: 12.46
Artist: Boogaloo and His Gallant Crew
Title: Cops and Robbers
Composer: Harris
Album: Criminal Records
Label: Ace

Time: 12.50
Artist: The Magistrates
Title: Here Comes the Judge
Composer: Gross/Freda
Album: Here Come the Judge
Label: MGM

Time: 12.55
Artist: Nancy Griffith
Title: Boots of Spanish Leather
Composer: Dylan
Album: Other Voices, Other Rooms
Label: Elektra


Time: 1.06
Artist: Elton John
Title: Have Mercy on the Criminal
Composer: John/Taupin
Album: Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player
Label: MCA

Time: 1.15
Artist: The Temptations
Title: Law of the Land
Composer: Whitfield
Album: Summer of motown
Label: Uncut

Time: 1.22
Artist: Warren Zevon
Title: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Composer: Zevon
Album: Excitable Boy
Label: Elektra

Time: 1.26
Artist: The Arcade Fire
Title: Month of May
Composer: The Arcade Fire
Album: The Suburbs
Label: Merge

Time: 1.32
Artist: Mi-Sex
Title: Grafitti Crimes
Composer: Stanton
Album: Graffiti Crimes
Label: Columbia

Time: 1.37
Artist: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Title: Theme from "Shaft"
Composer: N/S
Album: Live in London
Label: N/S

Time: 1.44
Artist: The Monkees
Title: Auntie's Municipal Court
Composer: Allison/Nesmith
Album: The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees
Label: Rhino

Time: 1.50
Artist: Devo
Title: Shrivel Up
Composer: Casale/Mothersbaugh/Mothersbaugh
Album: Are We Not Men
Label: Warner

Time: 1.56
Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Title: Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
Composer: Hanley
Album: Vibrate: The Best Of Rufus Wainwright
Label: Universal


Time: 206
Artist: The Cadillacs
Title: Bad Dan McGoon
Composer: Breland
Album: The Cadillacs Rock
Label: Bear Family Records

Time: 2.13
Artist: Junior Murvin
Title: Police and Thieves
Composer: Murvin/Perry
Album: Police and Thieves
Label: Island

Time: 2.16
Artist: 10cc
Title: Good Morning Judge
Composer: Gouldman
Album: Live and Let Live
Label: 7T's

Time: 2.21
Artist: The Coasters
Title: Framed
Composer: Leiber and Stoller
Album: 50 Coastin' Classics
Label: Rhino

Time: 2.25
Artist: Del Shannon
Title: Runaway (The Crime Story Version)
Composer: Shannon/Crook
Album: Runaway
Label: Pair

Time: 2.30
Artist: Funkadelic
Title: Cosmic Slop
Composer: Worrell/Clinton
Album: Cosmis Slop
Label: Westbound

Time: 2.34
Artist: The Witnessess/Sam Butera
Title: I Love Paris
Composer: Porter
Album: Ultra Lounge Vol. 10
Label: Capitol/EMI

Time: 2.39
Artist: The Stranglers
Title: (Get a) Grip (On Yourself)
Composer: The Stranglers
Album: The Collection 1977-1982
Label: Liberty

Time: 2.44
Artist: George van Dusen
Title: The Yodelling Chinaman
Composer: Unknown
Album: The Silly Songs
Label: ABC Music

Time: 2.51
Artist: South Side Johnny and The
Title: Gotta Find a Better Way Home
Composer: van Zandt
Album: Hearts of Stone
Label: Beat Goes On

Time: 2.55
Artist: Melissa Etheridge, Joan Osborne and Sheryl Crow
Title: Bring Me Some Water
Composer: Etheridge
Album: Nowhere to Go
Label: Island

Time: 3.31
Artist: The Steve Gibbons Band
Title: Johnny Cool
Composer: Gibbons
Album: Any Road Up
Label: MCA

Time: 3.36
Artist: The Jaywalkers
Title: Can't Live Without You
Album: Northern Soul of Swan
Label: Goldmine

Time: 3.38
Artist: Peter Sellers
Title: Setting Fire to the Policeman
Composer: N/S
Album: A Celebration of Sellers
Label: EMI Angel

Time: 3.45
Artist: Paper Lace
Title: The Night Chicago Died
Composer: Paper Lace
Album: Paper Lace
Label: Mercury

Time: 3.49
Artist: The Butthole Surfers
Title: The Annoying Song
Composer: Butthole Surfers
Album: Independent Worm Saloon
Label: Capitol/EMI

Time: 3.53
Artist: Billy Boy Arnold
Title: Prisoner's Plea
Composer: Arnold
Album: I Wish You Would
Label: Charly

Time: 3.56
Artist: Jackson Browne
Title: Lawyers in Love
Composer: Browne
Label: Asylum


3:04 Harry Nilsson Part 2

John Lennon once described Harry Nilsson as his 'favourite group' - he won Grammy awards in 1969 for "Everybody's Talkin'" (from Midnight Cowboy), and in 1972 for "Without You", wrote and recorded hit songs, seldom played live and followed his own creative and often self destructive path. But at heart he was a romantic. This is his story (Joyride Media)

Time: 4.07
Artist: The Thompson Twins
Title: Love Is the Law
Composer: Currie/Leeway/Bailey
Album: Here's to Future Days
Label: Demon/Universal

Time: 4.12
Artist: The New York Dolls
Title: Give Him a Great Big Kiss
Composer: Morton
Album: Myrmidons of Melodrama
Label: RPM

Time: 4.19
Artist: Peter Tosh
Title: Legalize It
Composer: Tosh
Album: Legalize it
Label: Sony

Time: 4.25
Artist: Damian Marley
Title: Welcome to Jamrock
Composer: Marley/Marley/Russell/Kamoze
Album: Welcome to Jamrock
Label: Universal

Time: 4.30
Artist: Ogden Edsl
Title: Dead Puppies
Composer: Frenzer
Album: Dr Demento's 20th Anniversary Collection
Label: Rhino

Time: 4.33
Artist: The Everly Brothers
Title: Take A Message To Mary
Composer: Bryant
Album: Everly Brothers - Collection
Label: Castle

Time: 4.36
Artist: Asleep at the Wheel
Title: Cherokee Maiden
Composer: N/S
Album: The Wheel Keeps on Rollin'
Label: Capitol/EMI

Time: 4.41
Artist: Visage
Title: Fade to Grey
Composer: Winwood/Jennings
Album: The Look of Love
Label: Spectrum

Time: 4.46
Artist: Chicago
Title: Old Days
Composer: Panko
Album: Chicago VIII
Label: Rhino

Time: 4.51
Artist: Bat for Lashes
Title: What's a Girl to Do?
Composer: Kahn
Album: Fur and Gold
Label: Spunk

Time: 4.5
Artist: The Spice Girls
Title: 2 Become 1 (Spanish)
Composer: Spice Girls/Rowe/Stannard
Album: 2 Become 1
Label: Virgin