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Time: 11.49
Artist: The Guess Who
Title: Glamour Boy
Composer: Cummings
Album: The Best of the Guess Who
Label: RCA

Time: 12.45
Artist: Sweet
Title: Blockbuster
Composer: Chapman/Chinn
Album: Best Of
Label: Capitol

Time: 12.49
Artist: Pink Turtle
Title: Highway to Hell
Composer: Young
Album: Pop in Swing
Label: Fremeaux

Time: 12.54
Artist: Peter Sellers
Title: We Need the Money
Composer:  Hooker/Friml
Album: Best of Sellers
Label: Hallmark

Time: 12.55
Artist: Leibach
Title: Across the Universe
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: Let It Be
Label: Mute Artists


Time: 1.06
Artist: Skyhooks
Title: MIllion Dollar Riff
Composer: Rigby/Strachan
Album: Straight in A Gay Gay World
Label: Warner Bros

Time: 1.12
Artist: T-Rex
Title: Jeepster
Composer: Bolan
Album: Born To Boogie
Label: Spectrum

Time: 1.17
Artist: Paul Da Vinci
Title: Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore
Composer: Seago/Da Vinci
Album: Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore
Label: Penny Farthing

Time: 1.22
Artist: Freur
Title: Doot Doot
Composer: Freur
Album: Doot Doot
Label: Columbia

Time: 1.26
Artist: Jim Stafford
Title: Sixteen Little Red Noses and a Horse that Sweats
Composer: Stafford
Album: Jim Stafford
Label: Mercury Nashville

Time: 1.32
Artist: Icehouse
Title: Dedicated to Glam
Composer: Iva Davies
Album: Flowers
Label: Universal

Time: 1.37
Artist: Jefferson
Title: The Colour of My Love
Composer: Jefferson
Album: Colour of My Love
Label: Castle

Time: 1.41
Artist: The Glitter Band
Title: Angel Face
Composer: Rossall/Shephard
Album: Glam  Crazee
Label: Virgin

Time: 1.44
Artist: Pavlov's Dog
Title: Julia
Composer: Surkamp
Album: Pampered Menial
Label: Sony

Time: 1.49
Artist: Little Richard
Title: Get Down and Get With it
Composer: Marchan
Album: Cellar of Soul
Label: Kent

Time: 1.53
Artist: Utah Saints
Title: Crazy Horses
Composer: Osmonds
Album: Crazy Horses
Label: Polydor

Time: 1.56
Artist: Slade
Title: Gudbuy T'Jane
Composer: Holder/Lee
Album: Wall of Hits
Label: Polydor


Time: 2.06
Artist: Hello
Title: The New York Groove
Composer: Hello
Album: Keeps Us Off the Streets
Label: Bell

Time: 2.10
Artist: Lou Reed
Title: Vicious
Composer: Reed/Ronson
Album: Very Best of
Label: BMG

Time: 2.25
Artist: Wizard
Title: See My Baby Jive
Composer: Wood
Album: Sounds of the 70s
Label: Castle

Time: 2.31
Artist: The Quick
Title: Hip Shake Jerk
Composer: Campsie/McFarlane
Album: Hip Shake Jerk
Label: Epic

Time: 2.35
Artist: Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music
Title: Virginia Plain
Composer: Ferry
Album: The Platinum Collection
Label: Virgin

Time: 2.40
Artist: David Bowie
Title: I Can't Explain
Composer: Townshend
Album: Bowie's Pinups
Label: EMI

Time: 2.42
Artist: Sparks
Title: This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us
Composer: Mael
Album: Kimono My House
Label: UMC

Time: 2.49
Artist: Gene Chandler
Title: Duke of Earl
Composer: Chandler
Album: 20 Greatest Hits
Label: Collectables

Time: 2.52
Artist: Chicory Tip
Title: Son of My Father
Composer: Moroder/Holm/Belotte
Album: Son of My Father
Label: Air Mail Music

Time: 2.56
Artist: Gary Glitter
Title: Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
Composer: Glitter/Leander
Album: The Ultimate Gary Glitter
Label: Snapper


3:04 Harry Nilsson - Part 1

John Lennon once described Harry Nilsson as his 'favourite group' - he won Grammy awards in 1969 for "Everybody's Talkin'" (from Midnight Cowboy), and in 1972 for "Without You", wrote and recorded hit songs, seldom played live and followed his own creative and often self destructive path. But at heart he was a romantic. This is his story. (Joyride Media)

Time: 3.36
Artist: Suzy Quattro
Title: Can the Can
Composer: Chapman/Chinn
Album: Can the Can
Label: EMI

Time: 3.40
Artist: The New York Dolls
Title: Looking For a Kiss
Composer: JoHansen
Album: New York Dolls
Label: Mercury

Time: 3.44
Artist: The Five Stars
Title: Pickin' on the Wrong Chicken
Album: The Beat From Badsville
Label: Stag-O-Lee

Time: 3.48
Artist: Slade
Title: Coz I Luv You
Composer: Holder/Lea
Album: Wall of Hits
Label: Polydor

Time: 3.52
Artist: Proter Wagoner/Dolly Parton
Title: Just Someone I Used To Know
Composer: Clement
Album: 20 Greatest Hits
Label: 3.53

Time: 3.55
Artist: Voyager
Title: Total Amnesia
Composer: French
Album: Halfway Hotel
Label: Mountain Records


Time: 4.08
Artist: Mouth and MacNeal
Title: How Do You Do?
Composer: van Hermet/van Hoof
Album: How Do You Do?
Label: Philips

Time: 4.15
Artist: Splodgenessabounds
Title: Brown Paper
Composer: Splodge
Album: Spodgenessabounds
Label: Captain Oi! Records

Time: 4.17
Artist: T-Rex
Title: Ride a White Swan
Composer: Bolan
Album: Get It On
Label: Prism Leisure

Time: 4.21
Artist: D. A. Wallach
Title: Glowing
Composer: Wallach
Album: Glowing
Label: Unknown

Time: 4.27
Artist: Tenpole Tudor
Title: Wunderbar
Composer: Kingston/Long/Tudorpole
Album: Best of
Label: Anagram

Time: 4.30
Artist: Racey
Title: Some Girls
Composer: Chinn/Chapman
Album: Fun Generation: The Superhits of Glam and Glitter
Label: L & D

Time: 4.35
Artist: Harry Arms
Title: Winchester Cathedral
Composer: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Label: Unknown

Time: 4.39
Artist: Sweet
Title: Wig-Wam Bam
Album: Best Of
Composer: Chapman/Chinn
Label: Capitol

Time: 4.43
Artist: Georgie Fame/ Boz Scaggs
Title: It Should've Been Me
Composer: Memphis/Curtis
Album: Cool Cat Blues
Label: Go Jazz Records

Time: 4.51
Artist: David Essex
Title: Rock On
Composer: Essex
Album: Very Best of
Label: Polygram

Time: 4.54
Artist: Liberace
Title: Kitten on the Keys
Composer: N/S
Album: 16 Most Requested Songs
Label: Columbia

Time: 4.56
Artist: Harry Nilsson
Title: Without You (Italian)
Composer: Nilsson
Album: Best of
Label: Sony