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Time: 12.35
Title: I Wanna Talk About Me
Artist:Toby Keith
Album: Pull My Chain
Composer: Braddock
Label: Dreamworks

Time: 12.42
Title: I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)
Artist: Carmen Miranda
Album: Ha! Ha! - 24 Great Comedy Songs
Composer: Warren/Gordon
Label: Prism

Time: 12.46
Title: Every Breath You Take
Artist: Pink Turtle
Album: Cool Tribute: The 80's Session
Composer: Sting
Label: Wagram

Time: 12.51
Title: Teenage Dirtbag
Artist: Wheetus
Album: Teenage Dirtbag
Composer: Brown
Label: Columbia

Time: 12.55
Title: I've Never Been To Me
Artist: The Temptations
Album: Reunion
Composer: Hirsch/Miller
Label: Motown


Time: 1.14
Title: When I'm With You
Artist: Sparks
Album: Terminal Jive
Composer: Mael/Mael
Label: Oglio

Time: 1.10
Title: I Got a Line On You
Artist: Spirit
Album: The Family That Plays Together
Composer: California
Label: Epic

Time: 1.15
Title: I Am Woman
Artist: Johnathan & Darlene Edwards
Album: Jonathan and Darlene's Greatest Hits
Composer: Burton/Reddy
Label: Corinthian

Time: 1.20
Title: The Hermit of the Misty Mountain
Artist: Ben E. King
Album: Don't Play That Song!
Composer: Batchelor/Roberts
Label: Atco

Time: 1.23
Title: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (reggae version)
Artist: Aerosmith
Album: Nine Lives
Composer: Warren
Label: Sony BMG

Time: 1.28
Title: The Party
Artist: Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
Album: The Rubber Room
Composer: Wagoner
Label: Omni

Time: 1.33
Title: Don't Leave Me
Artist: John Cowan
Album: For the Love of Harry
Composer: Nilsson
Label: Musicmasters

Time: 1.37
Title: Hey Hey Hey Hey
Artist: Little Richard
Album: Little Richard Vol. 2
Composer: Penniman
Label: Realgone

Time: 1.40
Title: I Want My Baby Back
Artist: Jimmy Cross
Album: I Want My Baby Back
Composer: Cross
Label: Tollie

Time: 1.47
Title: Toast
Artist: Street Band
Album: Streetband...Featuring Paul Young
Composer: Young/Kelly

Time: 1.52
Title: Pourquoi Pas Moi
Artist: Marera
Album: Ukuyeye
Composer: Chorenslup/Zelcer
Label: Warner

Time: 1.57
Title: the Lady Is A Tramp
Artist: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga
Album: Duets II
Composer: Hart/Rodgers
Label: Columbia

2pm - 3pm

Time: 2.06
Title: Beyond the Sea
Artist: Jeff Lynne
Album: Long Wave
Composer: Lasry/Trenet/Lawrence
Label: Frontiers Records

Time: 2.11
Title: Are You Receiving Me?
Artist: XTC
Album: Go 2
Composer: Partridge
Label: Geffen

Time: 2.16
Title: Under The Milky Way
Artist: Nicloe Atkins
Album: Digs Other People's Songs
Composer: Kilbey
Label: Sony BMG

Time: 2.23
Title: Walking In the Sand
Artist: Jeff Beck and Imelda May
Album: Rock 'n' Roll Party
Composer: Morton
Label: Atlantic

Time: 2.31
Title: Rag Doll
Artist: Steeleye Span
Album: Spanning the Years
Composer: Gaudio/Crewe
Label: Chrysalis

Time: 2.38
Title: Alone Again Or
Artist: Love
Album: Forever Changes
Composer: Maclean
Label: Elektra

Time: 2.43
Title: I'm Not In Love
Artist: Joe Brown
Album: The Ukulele Album
Composer: Gouldman
Label: Joe Brown Productions Ltd.

Time: 2.48
Title: The Mole in the Hole
Artist: The Soulthlanders
Album: We
Label: Silverwood

Time: 2.51
Title: I'm Sorry (But So is Brenda Lee)
Artist: Marshall Crenshaw
Album: Downtown
Composer: Vaughn
Label: Wounded Bird

Time: 2.55
Title: This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us
Artist: British Whale & Justin Hawkin
Album:This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us
Composer: Mael
Label: Atlantic


3:04 Waves - Musical Chairs

Formed in the mid-seventies, Waves produced original articulate acoustic music that has endured. In fact their self-titled debut album recorded in 1975 was a best-selling album before going out of print and commanding good money as a collector’s item. Waves called it a day in 1977. In early 2013 Waves re-released the long deleted debut, as well as a previously lost, incomplete second album, on vinyl and CD. For this episode the New Zealand profile series Musical Chairs Trevor Reekie is joined by Waves members Graeme Gash, David Marshall and Kevin Wildman who talk about the creative travels and travails of following their musical path.

Time: 3.30
Title: The Ying Tong Song
Artist: Jon Anderson
Album: State of Independence
Composer: Milligan
Label: Classic Pictures

Time: 3.32
Title: It Should Have Been Me
Artist: Yvonne Fair
Album: Motown Hartbusters Vol. 9
Composer: Whitfield/Stevenson
Label: Motown

Time: 3.38
Title: Bailey's Gone Eefin'
Artist: Goodlettsville 5
Album: Bailey's Gone Eefin'
Composer: Kennedy
Label: Jam Productions

Time: 3.43
Title: I've Been Wrong Before
Artist: Dusty Springfield
Album: Everythings Coming Up Dusty
Composer: Newman
Label: Beat Goes On

Time: 3.47
Title: Imagine Me Imagine You
Artist: Fox
Album: Fox
Composer: Young
Label: Ariola

Time. 3.53
Title: I Gotcha
Artist: Joe Tex
Album: 25 All-Time Greatest HIts
Composer: Tex
Label: Varese Sarabande

Time: 3.56
Title: Only White People Dance Like That
Artist: Bill Frenzer
Album: Mower of the Ogden Edsl
Composer: Frenzer/Wright
Label: Oglio


Time: 4.06
Title: Corrina, Corrina
Artist: Boz Scaggs
Album: Memphis
Composer: Trad
Label: Universal

Time: 4.12
Title: I'm Reading A Book
Artist: Julian Smith
Album: I'm Reading a Book
Composer: Smith

Time: 4.17
Title: Wish You Were Here
Artist: Bill Florez
Album: Pickin' On Pink Floyd
Composer: Gilmour/Waters
Label: CMH Records

Time: 4.32
Title: Turn On Me
Artist: The Shins
Album: Wincing the Night Away
Composer: Mercer
Label: Sub-Pop

Title: 4.29
Title: Sillouhette
Artist: The Midnights
Album: Outside
Composer: Horgan/Midnights
Label: Loop

Time: 4.32
Title: Yearning
Artist: Asleep At The Wheel
Album:Still Swingin'
Composer: Wills
Label: Liberty

Time: 4.38
Title: Laughing
Artist: Burton Cummings
Album: Bacjman Cummings Songbook
Composer: Cummings/Bachman
Label: Sony BMG

Time: 4.41
TItle: You Better Believe It
Artist: Vintage Trouble
Album: The Bombshelter Sessions
Composer: Vintage Trouble
Label: The Orchard

Time: 4.50
Title: Yesteray Has Gone
Artist: Cupid's Inspiration
Album: Yesterday Has Gone
Label: Nems

Time: 4.53
Title: Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore
Artist: Paul DaVinci
Album: Glam Rock
Label: Repertoire

Time: 4.56
Title: Con Tu Pello Tan Derado
Artist: America