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12.35 - 1pm

Time: 12.36
Title: Drumming Man
Artist: Topper Headon
Album: Drumming Man
Composer: Krupa
Label: Mercury

Time: 12.40
Title: Is That All There Is?
Artist: Kid Creole
Album: Going Places
Composer: Leiber and Stoller
Label: ZE

Time: 12.48
Title: Californication
Artist: The Pickin' On Series
Album: Pick My Kiss
Composer: Kiedis/Smith/Flea/Frusciante
Label: Cmh Records

Time: 12.55
Title: The Boys
Artist: The Shadows
Album: The Shadows in the 60s
Composer: Bennett/Welch/Marvin
Label: EMI

Time: 12.57
Title: Stop Your Sobbin'
Artist: The Kinks
Album: Kinks
Composer: Davies
Label: Sanctuary

1pm - 2pm

Time: 1.06
Title: Another Brick in the Wall
Artist: Richard Cheese
Album: Sunny Side of the Moon
Composer: Waters
Label: Surfdog Records

Time: 1.09
Title: I Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore
Artist: The Divinyls
Album: Greatest Hits
Composer: Burton/Sawyer
Label: EMI

Time: 1.18
Title: And Then There Were Drums
Artist: Sandy Nelson
Album: The Very Best of Sandy Nelson
Composer: Nelson
Label: United Artists Records

Time: 1.22
Title: Generation Sex
Artist: The Divine Comedy
Album: A Secret History
Composer: Hannon
Label: DCR

Time: 1.27
Title: Informer
Artist: Snow
Album: Hits '93, Vol 2.
Composer: O'Brien
Label: Alex/BMG

Time: 1.34
Title: About Her
Artist: Malcolm McLaren
Album: Kill Bill Vol. 2 - OST
Composer: Argent/Handy/McLaren
Label: Maverick

Time: 1.40
Title: Give A Little Love
Artist: Bay City Rollers
Album: Wouldn't You Like It
Composer: Faulkner/Wood
Label: Bell

Time: 1.45
Title: Take A Heart
Artist: The Sorrows
Album: Friday On My Mind: Rediscover 60's
Composer: Dallon
Label: Old Gold

Time: 1.51
Title: Logical Song
Artist: Pink Turtle
Album: Pop in Swing
Composer: Davies
Label: Fremeaux & Associes

Time: 1.57
Title: Underground
Artist: Chunky, Novi & Ernie
Album: Chunky, Novi & Ernie
Composer: Rappaport (?)
Label: Rhino

2 - 3pm

Time: 2.06
Title: Unchained Melody
Artist: Bobby Day
Album: Rockin Robin
Composer: North/Zaret
Label: Ais/Hoo Doo Records

Time: 2.12
Title: Bits and Pieces
Artist: The Dave Clark Five
Album: The History of th Dave Clark Five
Composer: Clark
Label: Hollywood

Time: 2.15
Title: Goin Down
Artist: The Monkees
Album: The Definitive Monkees
Composer: Dolenz, Hlidebrand, Jones, Nesmith, Tork
Label: Warner Bros

Time: 2.24
Title: Breakaway
Artist: Big Pig
Album: Bonk
Composer: Zekley
Label: Mushroom Records

Time: 2.28
Title: Magic
Artist: Michael Nesmith
Album: Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma
Composer: Nesmith
Label: Video Ranch/Rio

Time: 2.32
Title: Like It's Over
Artist: Stan Walker ft. Ria Hall
Album: Kiwi Hit Disc 165
Composer: Walker/Harder
Label: NZ On Air

Time: 2.37
Title: White Winter Hymnal
Artist: Kim Wilde
Album: Wildewinter Songbook
Composer: Pecknold
Label: Wildeflower Records

Time: 2.41
Title: A Salty Dog
Artist: Procul Harem
Album: A Salty Dog
Composer: Brooker/Reid
Label: Onward Music

Time: 2:46
Artist: Richard Stilgoe
Title: The Very First Music
Album: A Quiet Night Out
Composer: Stilgoe

Time: 2.49
Title: The Shag (Is Totally Cool)
Artist: Billy Graves
Album: Groove & Grind: 50s & 60s Dance Hits
Composer: Flood/Foster
Label: Rhino

Time: 2.52
Title: If I Were Your Woman
Artist: Gladys Knight & the Pips
Album: Gold
Composer: Jones/Sawyer/McMurray
Label: Hipo

Time: 2.56
Title: Not Fade Away
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Album: Rave On Buddy Holly
Composer: Holly/Petty
Label: Fantasy/Hear Music

3:04 The Topp Twins Live (RNZ)

Beloved kiwi entertainers The Topp Twins have a better than 25-year career in original music and comedy. The fraternal duo Jools Topp (guitar/vocals) and Lynda Topp (guitar/ vocals/mouth harp/percussion) are known for their chameleon-like morphing between characters, genres and genders, engaging the audience in thought and laughter along the way. Here they are captured live on stage at the 2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival in Wellington.

Time: 3.37
Title: Sleepwalk
Artist: Silverfox

Time: 3.42
Title: Saved
Artist: LaVern Baker
Album: American Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 12
Composer: Leiber/Stoller
Label: Ace

Time: 3.47
Title: Different Drum
Artist: The Lemonheads
Album: Lovey
Composer: Dando
Label: Edsel

Time: 3.50
Title: Magic Potion
Artist: The Searchers
Album: Needles & Pins
Composer: Bacharach/David
Label: RCA

Time: 3.54
Title: Spinning Wheel
Artist: Melanie Jonas & Dave Barker
Album: The Complete UK Upsetter Collection
Composer: Clayton-Thomas
Label: Trojan/Sanctuary

Time: 3.57
Title: Peggy Sue
Artist: Buddy Holly
Album: Buddy Holly: From the Original Master Tapes
Composer: Holly
Label: MCA

4 - 5pm

Time: 4.07
Title: Amazing Grace
Artist: Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
Album: Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
Composer: Newton
Label: Beserkley

Time: 4.11
Title: Let's Go
Artist: The Ventures
Album: The Best of the Ventures
Composer: Otis
Label: Magic

Time: 4.14
Title: You're Sixteen
Artist: Ringo Starr
Album: Ringo Starr and His All-Star Band
Composer: Sherman
Label: EMG

Time: 4.19
Title: Wise Up Ghost
Artist: Elvis Costello & The Roots
Album: Wise Up Ghost
Composer: Costello
Label: Bluenote

Time: 4.25
Title: Yeah Yeah
Artist: Georgie Fame
Album: Cool Cat Blues
Composer: Grant/Hendricks
Label: Bean Bag Entertainment

Time: 4.32
Title: Bombshell
Artist: Sierra Hull
Album: Daybreak
Composer: Hull
Label: Ooo Universal/Rounder

Time: 4.34
Title: If You Walked Away
Artist: Jagg
Composer: Pomeranz
Label: Superstar Records

Time: 4.39
Title: Diamonds
Artist: Jet Harris and Tony Meehan
Composer: Lordan
Label: RPM

Time: 4.46
Title: Kung Fu FIghting
Artist: Mardi Gras BB
Album: Zen Rodeo
Composer: Douglas
Label: Universal Jazz

Time: 4.51
Title: Fallen
Artist: Lauren Wood
Album: Pretty Woman
Composer: Wood
Label: EMI

Time: 4.56
Title: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Japanese Version)
Artist: The Police
Composer: Sting