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with Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris

Monday to Friday from 12:35 pm

Playlist for Wednesday, 07 January 2009

12:35pm - 1pm

Track: I'm a Woman
Artist: National Lampoon

Track: Frankie and Johnnie
Artist: Lindsay Lohen

Track: Send in the Clowns
Artist: Zarah Leander

Track: Unionhouse Branch
Artist: Alison Krauss

Track: Wuthering Heights
Artist: Puppini Sisters

Track: He's So Fine
Artist: The Chiffons

1pm - 2pm

Track: Gimme Shelter
Artist: The Rolling Stones

Track: We
Artist: The Roaches

Track: Destination Unknown
Artist: Missing Persons

Track: Pretty Vacant
Artist: Rosie Flores

Track: Marat Sade
Artist: Judy Collins

Track: When a Woman Loves a Man
Artist: Ester Phillips

Track: Flight of The Bumblebee
Artist: Jennifer Batten

Track: Yes I'm Lonesome Tonight
Artist: Dodie Stevens

Track: To Bring You My Love
Artist: P J Harvey

Track: It's a Wonderful Woman's World
Artist: Harry Betts

Track: Wishing and Hoping
Artist: Dusty Springfeild

Track: Cry Me a River
Artist: Diana Washington

2pm - 3pm

Track: Stoney End
Artist: Stone Poneys

Track: The Object of My Affection
Artist: Darlene Edwards

Track: Don't Let Him Shop Around
Artist: Debbie Deane

Track: River Deep, Mountain High
Artist: Tina Turner

Track: Beautiful Ladies
Artist: Bill Bailey

Track: Funky Atttude
Artist: Sheila E.

Track: 48 Crash
Artist: Suzi Quatro

Track: Evangeline
Artist: Sheryl Crow and Emmy Lou Harris

Track: Secret Love
Artist: K D Lang

Track: Kiss Me Deadly
Artist: Lita Ford

Track: I'll Bring it on Home to You
Artist: Carla Thomas

3:00 Classic Concert: Anita O Day - Live in Tokyo '63

This recording is from a 1963 televised concert in Tokyo, Japan. It is quintessential Anita O'Day at her creative peak with material from her Verve label period that showcases her vocal prowess. She is known for her wide dynamic tone, improvising, and innate sense of rhythm and intimate presence. On this recording, O'Day is backed by a full orchestra featuring Bob Corwin on piano with Toshiyuki Miyama and The All-Star Orchestra and Takeshi Inomata and His West Liners. The repertoire was arranged by Buddy Bregman (Kayo Stereophonics)

Track: Coz We Ended as Lovers
Artist: Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld

Track: They Took You Away I'm Glad, I"m Glad
Artist: Josephine

Track: Easy Living
Artist: Uriah Heep

4pm - 5pm

Track: Children
Artist: Ellen Degeneres

Track: Adagio
Artist: Lara Fabian

Track: Fidelity
Artist: Regina Spektor

Track: Licence to Kill
Artist: Gladys Knight

Track: Honolulu Rock 'n' Roller
Artist: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Track: Nine to Five
Artist: Dolly Parton

Track: Past, Present and Future
Artist: The Shagrilas

Track: Hooked on Yodelling
Artist: Mary Schnider

Track: Fifty-two Girls
Artist: The B-52's

Track: You Don't Have to be a Tower of Strength
Artist: Gloria Lynne

Track: Farewell Farewell
Artist: Sandy Denny

Track: Lucky Number
Artist: Lene Lovich

Track: Louie Louie
Artist: Joan Jett