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with Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris

Monday to Friday from 12:35 pm

Playlist for Thursday, 01 January 2009

12:35pm - 1pm

Track: She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes
Artist: Peter Wackel

Track: I Can See For Miles
Artist: Frankie Randall

Track: My Baby Loves Love
Artist: White Plains

Track: Unchained Medley
Artist: Run C & W

Track: Son of a Preacher Man
Artist: Joan Osbourne

1pm - 2pm

Track: Welcome to Hell
Artist: Rowan Atkinson

Track: Form the Underworld
Artist: The Herd

Track: From Hell to Paradise
Artist: The Mavericks

Track: The Number of the Beast
Artist: Iron Maiden

Track: Bat Out of Hell
Artist: Meatloaf

Track: The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Artist: Lynn Adnderson

Track: Hell Yeah
Artist: Neil Diamond

Track: Devil With the Blue Dress
Artist: Mitch Ryder

Track: Give 'em Hell Kid
Artist: My Chemical Romance

Track: Glory Train
Artist: James Taylor and Randy Newman

Track: The Devil Woman
Artist: Cliff Richard

2pm - 3pm

Track: Walk Away Renee
Artist: The Four Tops

Track: Two-Bit Manchild
Artist: Neil Diamond

Sean McKenna introduces Irish comedian Dara O'Briain

Track: Cinnamon Girl
Artist: Neil Young

Track: No Time
Artist: Guess Who

Track: If I Fell
Artist: The Beatles

Track: Irish Medley
Artist: The Dixie Chicks

Track: Danny Boy
Artist: Los Rockin' Rebeldes

Track: King of the New York Streets
Artist: Dion DiMucci

Track: Come Shack up With Me
Artist: Kenneth Connor

Track: Elvis is Everywhere
Artsit: Mojo Nixon

3:00 Classic Concert: Phoebe Snow - Live

Something a bit mellow for New Years Day. A July 2008 live album from the iconic singer and writer of the classic 1970's hits 'Poetry Man' and 'Harpo's Blues'. A vocalist's vocalist whose stature rivals those of contemporaries Linda Ronstadt and Carole King and in the tradition of the late Sara Vaughan. The New Times described her as "a contralto grounded in a bluesy growl and capable of sweeping over four octaves" Snow recorded this set of classics, standards and originals live at the intimate 250 seater Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock, New York (Verve)

4pm - 5pm

Track: Meaningless Songs
Artist: Heebeejeebees

Track: I Woke up Laughing
Artist: Robert Palmer

Track: Angel Spread Your Wings
Artist: Danny O'Keefe

Track: Wicked as it Seems
Artist: Keith Richards

Track: Drumming Man
Artist: Gene Krupa

Track: Brian Wilson
Artist: Elton John

Track: Sabre Dance
Artist: Texas Chainsaw Orchestra

Track: Kilroy was Here
Artist: The Move

Track: Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions
Artist: Graham Parker

Track: Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
Artist: Ricky Skaggs

Track: Louie Louie
Artist: Motorhead