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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:17 Privacy Commissioner launches new system to protect tenants
If you're a tenant what rights do you have when it comes to privacy? Today the Privacy Commissioner John Edwards announced the launch of a new compliance monitoring programme to ensure that property managers and agencies are following guidelines set out in the Privacy Act. He joins Karyn to explain how it will work.

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Photo: VNP / Daniela Maoate-Cox

10:27 Wallaby on the loose in Auckland's Long Bay
A search is underway after a park volunteer claimed to have seen a Wallaby at Auckland's Long Bay Regional Park. Auckland Council is investigating the report and hopes to locate the furry fugitive as Wallabies are considered a pest in New Zealand. Auckland Council's Head of Natural Environment Delivery Phil Brown explains how they plan to locate the Wallaby.

Head shot of a wallaby. (File pic)

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10:30 Midweek Mediawatch with Hayden Donnell
New channels are appearing on New Zealand screens; A march on Parliament and a dilemma for the media; The NZ Herald are taking a more liberal approach to social media moderation; and Jack Tames excellent interview with the Prime Minister. Hayden Donnell has Midweek Mediawatch.

Did I mention loud? A protestor borrows someone's loud hailer to berate the front wall of the Beehive.

Did I mention loud? A protestor borrows someone's loud hailer to berate the front wall of the Beehive. Photo: VNP / Phil Smith

10:50 Sir Ian Taylor says MIQ system is no longer logical
Celebrated Innovator Sir Ian Taylor was granted approval by the Government in early October to trial a private self-isolation system for international travel in order to free up spaces in MIQ for returning Kiwis. Sir Ian has just begun his trial in the Auckland suburb of Herne Bay - but it's his experience in America which has changed his view on our MIQ system. Despite the rigorous procedures he has been put through during his arrival and isolation, Sir Ian says he felt much safer in Los Angeles than he does in Auckland.

Sir Ian Taylor.

Sir Ian Taylor. Photo: RNZ


10:55 Lately Music 

Artist: Mitski
Track: The Only Heartbreaker
Album: Laurel Hell (out Feb 2022)