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Photo: RNZ

10:20 Afghans here applaud Govt's evacuation plans

The Government is now in talks with other countries to decide the best way to evacuate New Zealand citizens from Afghanistan, as well as those who have been contracted to the New Zealand Government. The capital, Kabul fell to the Taliban at the weekend at a speed that shocked the world, following the withdrawl of US troops after two decades in the war torn country. That followed several other cities and the main airport being seized by Taliban fighters in the past week. Thousands of people are trying to get out of Afghanistan now, but the airport has closed to commercial flights. Taqi Amini is a Hazaran Afghani completing his PHd in education in Auckland. He's trying to help his wife's parents get out of Kabul.

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Photo: Taqi Amini


10:30 Calling London

Karyn crosses live to London to speak to Rich Preston from BBC World, about the situation in Afghanistan, why an Eastern European country is proposing building a huge border fence, and a case that's heightened tensions between Canada, its neighbour the US, and China.  

Afghans crowd at the tarmac of the Kabul airport.

Afghans crowd at the tarmac of the Kabul airport. Photo: AFP


10:45 Word: Mondegreens or 'Slips of the ear'


Did you ever see the lyrics of a song and get a surprise to see how different they were to what you thought the artist was singing? On tonight's Word segment, Professor Paul Warren from Victoria University of Wellington joins Karyn to discuss Mondegreens, mishearings or 'slips of the ear'. He will explain where the term comes from and how Mondegreens happen. 

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Photo: Professor Paul Warren