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10:20 Border reopening sparks questions from at risk communities

With today's news from the Government about the plan to begin reopening our borders, there are many questions to be asked about the risk factors for New Zealanders, and to look to the possibility of the Delta virus being inadvertently introduced into the country. On March 10th when the vaccination rollout was first announced Karyn spoke to Dr Api Talemaitoga who is a GP in South Auckland. Tonight she checks in with him again to see how the news has been received in his practice and community

Dr Api Talemaitoga.

Dr Api Talemaitoga. Photo: GREG BOWKER VISUALS


10:30 Grounded Kiwis disheartened by border news

New Zealanders living overseas who are trying to get vouchers to get into MIQ watched today's big announcement with sinking hearts. The Group Grounded Kiwis has a petition before Parliament asking for changes to MIQ. Karyn speaks to one of the group, Martin Newell who is trying to get back home to see his mother, who is very sick

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Photo: Martin Newell


10:45 The Rest is History: The first woman to receive an honours degree

On the Rest is History we look back to this week in 1881 when New Zealander Helen Connon became the first woman in the British Empire to receive an honours degree. She is known as a University of Canterbury Legend as she was their first female student and pioneered the way for education of women in New Zealand. Karyn speaks with Professor Katie Pickles who is a scholar of feminist and postcolonial history at the university of Canterbury. 

Professor Katie Pickles of the University of Canterbury

Professor Katie Pickles of the University of Canterbury Photo: Supplied