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Photo: RNZ

10:20 Wellington's south coast residents warned to be ready to evacuate

Large swells are forecast for Wellington's south coast - from Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening - with waves expected as high as six metres. Wellington Region Emergency Management's is encouraging residents to have a bag packed in case they need to evacuate their homes tomorrow. Karyn speaks with Jeremy Holmes from the Wellington Region Emergency Management. (This image is of last year's huge waves hitting Wellington's south coast.)

Sea swells Wellington's south coast.

Photo: RNZ / Caitlin Cherry

10:30 London Calling: BBC World Service

Lately's weekly call to the BBC World Service's team about the global news ahead for the week. Tonight Karyn speaks with Rob Hugh-Jones about China marking 100th anniversary of the founding of the Community Party in China, discussions in Europe about the possibility of a 'sausage war' this week, getting culture back on track in France, and a global update on Covid-19.

A Covid-19 vaccine supplied under the COVAX scheme is given to a member of the armed forces in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 15 June.

Photo: Supplied / AFP - Matías Baglietto, NurPhoto

10:45 Word: Confusables and Verbing Weirds with Professor Paul Warren

On Monday night's we look at words - in all their wonderful weirdness, because the English language certainly is a very odd mix of languages and concepts.

It's confusing and sometimes it's hard to keep up with the way it changes.

Professor Paul Warren from Victoria University joins Karyn Hay to chat about one kind of weird habit - turning nouns into verbs and something called confusables!

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Photo: Professor Paul Warren