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10:20 Attitudes to Covid 19 vaccination on the border

The Prime Minister announced today that 86-percent of frontline workers in New Zealand have received at least one dose of a covid vaccination leaving 538 MIQ workers unvaccinated. They must be inoculated by the end of April or be moved off the front line. Prime Minister Ardern said the strategy has been to ensure that all MIQ workers had a chance to be offered the vaccine before deploying them elsewhere if they did not. Today a third Grand Millennium MIQ worker has tested positive for Covid-19.

 Dr. Jagadish Thaker is a communications lecturer at Massey University in Wellington who has spent the past year working on understanding how people feel about Covid-19 vaccines.

The Grand Millennium managed isolation facility in Auckland.

Photo: RNZ / Jordan Bond

10:30 A royal death and pandemic restrictions begin to lift

Susana is joined by Pete Ross from the BBC World Service to discuss what's on their agenda. He has the reaction to Prince Philip's death, the slow opening up of the UK and a curious week in American Politics on his mind. 

An ardent Royals fan lays a floral tribute at the front of Buckingham Palace in central London on April 9, 2021 after the announcement of the death of Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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10:45 Lost 'golden city' discovered in Egypt 

The discovery of a three thousand year old 'golden city' has shaken the archaeology world to its core this week. The lost city was found in the first weeks of a huge archaeological dig near Luxor in Egypt. The archaeologists there on the ground say the city of Aten is likely to be the largest ancient Egyptian city found so far. Dr. Sarah Vidler is an archaeologist who specialises in Egyptian digs and she joins Lately to discuss. 

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Photo: Twitter / Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities