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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:20 Pressure builds for ACC to cover common childbirth injury

You may have heard in the news, coverage of ACC's denial of cover to women who suffer the most common type of childbirth-related injury. Cover of perineal tears has fallen dramatically since last June, when ACC found its former policy was more generous than legally required. Bernadette Nolan is a Pelvic Health & Women's Physiotherapist in Hawke's Bay

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Photo: RNZ/Vinay Ranchhod


10:30 In celebration of the Living Wage

The Living Wage rate is set to rise to 22 dollars 75 per hour from September.  Living Wage Aotearoa says the three percent increase is based on the average annual earnings movement in the last June quarter. There are more than 200 accredited Living Wage Employers. The national convenor for Living Wage Aotearoa, Annie Newman, talks to Susana about what impact the rise will have.

People gathered at the announcement today.

People gathered at the announcement today. Photo: RNZ / Charlie Dreaver


Captain Cook's Spruce Beer, Wigram Brewing Company

Captain Cook's Spruce Beer, Wigram Brewing Company Photo: Wigram Brewing Company

10:45 The Rest is History: New Zealand's first brewed beer

On this day back in 1773 the first ever beer was brewed in New Zealand.  It was brewed by Captain Cook on Resolution Island in Dusky Sound.  To tell us about it is Christchurch brewer Paul McGurk, whose Wigram Brewing Company has attempted to replicate Cook's beer - so learned all about how he made it.