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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:20 March against sexual violence in Wellington

About 500 people gathered on Courtenay Place Wellington tonight to rally for a city free from sexual violence.
For nearly a year, there has been a growing conversation around how unsafe the capital is, with a reported rise in serious violence dating back to August. And a discussion over the threat of sexual violence specifically, has ramped up in recent months.
Tamatha Paul is a Wellington City Councillor for the Lambton Ward and the portfolio leader for City Safety and Youth.

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Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

10:30 Power prices set to rise in Central Otago

Electricity line charges are set to rise in Central Otago by a whopping 60 percent in the next five years
Today, the Commerce Commission gave the Dunedin City Council-owned lines company Aurora Energy the go-ahead to spend 563-million dollars fixing and running its network over the next five years. The area affected is Dunedin, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes.
It's got Central Otago Grey Power worried older people will have to make impossible choices when faced with paying the power bill or paying for groceries
Tim Cadogan is the Central Otago District Council Mayor

Central Otago mayor Tim Cadogan

Central Otago mayor Tim Cadogan Photo: Supplied

10:45 Midweek Mediawatch Judith Collins, Media works inquiry and an unrepentant Nazi

The latest on the proposed fusion of TVNZ and RNZ into a public media behemoth.  Journalists hone in on Judith Collins' weaknesses on key policy issues such as housing and also how her MPs are leaking against her. MediaWorks has launched an inquiry into the conduct of its employees, as at least one radio host resigns. And finally, some belated efforts by the media to stop honouring one of the founders of the Mt Hutt skifield an unrepetant Nazi, Willi Huber who was in the SS-Waffen, a force which started out as Hitler's bodyguard and became a fighting unit in World War II under the command of Henrich Himmler. They were known for their fanaticism in defence of the Nazi cause.

National Party leader Judith Collins

Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas