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10:20 Orchardists challenged to find enough workers to pick fruit

Central Otago stone fruit growers are rubbishing claims they're turning down New Zealanders for local fruit picking work because they'd prefer cheap foreign labour. It follows union concerns that plenty of people are applying for jobs, but are waiting weeks for replies - if they get them at all.  Orchard owners around the country have been calling for the Government to allow in more seasonal workers from Pacific countries to help with the summer fruit harvest. Karyn speaks with Tony Marret from Hastings' Willowford Alma Alta Orchards.

Cart full of apples after picking in orchard

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10:30 Videos released to mark World Disability Day 

Yesterday was World Disability Day and RNZ and Attitude Pictures released a series of first person videos to mark the occasion. The video blog series explores the day to life of living with disabilities. Comedian Josh Davies is completely blind in his left eye, and has about 6-38 vision in his right eye. He did the first video in the series and he joins Karyn from Taupō to talk about the experience of making the documentary. 

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10:45 Out Lately with Finn Johansson 

There's a lot of new music coming out at the moment so Finn Johansson is in to help sort the wheat from the chaff. He joins Karyn with three piping hot new picks for a Friday night.

Finn Johansson

Finn Johansson Photo: Finn Johansson