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10:20 Tourism Minister explains rebranding New Zealand

The new Minister of Tourism, Stuart Nash, has divided the country's tourism providers with comments made about the value of backpackers, a ban on campervans which are not self-contained, and focusing firming on attracting the wealthiest of tourists once the border opens. Karyn asks the Minister what he means by New Zealand's unique opportunity for a reset.

Stuart Nash gave his first speech as Tourism Minister at Tourism Summit Aotearoa at Te Papa in Wellington.

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10:30 Young women counter body image messages 

A new study shows young women are able to counter the pressure put upon them and their appearance by social media. The University of Otago study has found those with a positive body image are critical of how the media can lead women to believe they are only as valuable as they are physically beautiful. But young women with a positive body image say there are more important things than judging people on the way they look, or dress. Karyn speaks with the lead author of the study, Phoebe Poulter. 

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10:45 Midweek Media Watch 

Mediawatch’s weekly catch-up with Lately. Critics go in in boots ‘n’ all on the Men in Black with pink boots - and Keith Quinn. Could a strategic emoji have saved him? Also: NZME's three-year plan; North and South back on the shelves; new stories of Kiwis coming home and one Kiwi’s search for Russian roots - and a Mad Man in a kiwi music plagiarism shock.

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