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10:20 Covid-19 precautions as New Zealand celebrates Labour Weekend

The message is clear - and you may have even received a reminder text on your phone - we're to treat this Labour Weekend as a test run for Christmas.

So whether you're on the move right now, have yet to set off, have just arrived, or are staying put this long weekend, scan your movements when you're out in public.

Karyn speaks with Sandra Goudie who's the mayor of one of New Zealand's favourite holiday destinations, the Coromandel Peninsula.

Labour Weekend 2020 on Calendar

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10:30 The final presidential debate counts down to the US election  

Today was the final debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden. It's 12 days until the November 3rd US presidential election and already a record 47-million Americans have cast ballots.

Karyn speaks with Brendon O'Connor who's the Associate Professor of American politics at the American Studies Centre, University of Sydney.

The final US presidential debate before the 3 November election. At Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee.

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10:45 Kiwi Rules: Mousey

Every fortnight we invite a kiwi musician to join Karyn and talk about what they're up to. We also get them to pick another New Zealand artist they love to profile! This week Karyn speaks to Sarena Close, from Mousey about Pickle Darling

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