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10.20  COVID-19 risk for Greenhithe pub patrons advised to self-isolate

Just after 8pm tonight a tweet was put out on the United against COVID-19 thread. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has asked people who were at The Malt pub in Greenhithe on Auckland's North Shore last Friday to self-isolate and get tested. A person now confirmed with COVID-19 was infectious while in the pub from 7.30pm until 10pm on Friday night. Karyn gets the details from COVID-19 modeller Dr Shaun Hendy from Auckland University.

Shaun Hendy at his kitchen table, where he's doing NZ's modelling of Covid-19

Shaun Hendy at his kitchen table, where he's doing NZ's modelling of Covid-19 Photo: Supplied

10.30 Record high numbers of assaults in Wellington's nightlife district

Wellington's nightlife Cuba Courtenay precinct has the highest proportion of assault and sexual assault crimes in New Zealand. Analysis by the consultancy firm Dot Loves Data shows that over a five-year period the rate of assaults in Wellington was 10 times higher than the national average. Karyn speaks with Justin Lester from Dot Loves Data.

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Photo: RNZ /Dom Thomas

10.35 New Zealand's obligations to UN Sanctions with Korea

An 80-year-old retired humanitarian worker and a Presbyterian minister have had their homes raided by police over a donation used to purchase personal protective equipment - PPE - in North Korea. Laptops, mobile phones and paperwork were seized after police turned up with a warrant to search their homes. Both men are members of the New Zealand-Democratic People's Republic of Korea Friendship Society who say the police are investigating a $US2000 donation they made to the North Korean Red Cross Society in March. Karyn speaks with Professor Al Gillespie from Waikato University about New Zealand's obligations to UN sanctions for North Korea.

Al Gillespie

Al Gillespie Photo: Wayne Mead

10.45 Midweek Mediawatch with Colin Peacock

Mediawatch’s weekly catch-up with Lately. This week Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about a post-election political exit interview that went global; the benefits of non-aligned political coverage and a green light for ‘dickhead’.

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