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10:20 A mortgage rate war could be close

Heartland Bank has announced an historically low one-year fixed-loan rate of 1-point-nine-nine percent suggesting other banks will follow to attract home buyers. Associate Professor Dr Claire Matthews from Massey University's Business School speaks with Karyn about why a mortgage rate war could be on the way.

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10:30 Freedom camping needs boundaries

The Grey District Council is calling for submissions on it's bylaw to tighten up restrictions for freedom camping. Karyn speaks with Grey District's mayor, Tania Gibson, who's keen for the whole country to follow with new rules.

Grey District mayor Tania Gibson

Grey District mayor Tania Gibson Photo: Supplied

10:45 Planet Mars shining bright as it reaches 'opposition'

The planet Mars is shining bright as it swings unusually close to Earth this month. Tomorrow night it should reach what astronomers call 'the moment of opposition', the moment when the sun, Earth and Mars form a straight line in space. Alan Gilmore is the former superintendent of Mt John Observatory in Tekapo, which is in the middle of an accredited Dark Sky Reserve, and the perfect place to view the phenomenon. 


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