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10:20 Remembering New Zealand music giant Max Merritt
Max Merritt - of Max Merritt and the Meteors - has died in a Los Angeles hospital at the age of 79.

Born in Christchurch in 1941, Max Merritt's best known for his 1975 hit Slipping Away.

Tonight Karyn speaks with the author of New Zealand's rock and roll bible Stranded in Paradise, John Dix, about his memories of Max Merritt and his career that stretched all the way back to the very beginning of rock and roll in New Zealand .

Max Merritt, 1973. Photo courtesy AudioCulture.

Max Merritt, 1973. Photo: Courtesy AudioCulture

10:30 Aro Video renting through a pandemic 

It's been a pretty tough year for retailers who rely on physical objects but that hasn't deterred Aro Video owner Andrew Armitage.

The shop on Aro Street in the heart of Wellington's Aro Valley has just turned 31 and is dealing with the delayed new release schedule by buying back catalogue treasures and give them the love they deserve.

Andrew joins Karyn to talk shop. 

Andrew Armitage outside Aro Video.

Andrew Armitage outside Aro Video. Photo: The Wireless / Max Towle.

10:45 Kiwi Rules: Scott Maynard 

Every fortnight we bring in a kiwi musician to talk about what they're up to and get them to pick another artist to play it forward. Tonight Scott Maynard from Wellington band Zero Cool is bringing in music from New Zealand band Other. 

Zero Cool

Zero Cool Photo: supplied