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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:20 Auckland's traffic chaos

Aucklanders planning on travelling to and from the North Shore this weekend are being asked to reconsider their plans, while four lanes of the Harbour Bridge remain closed. It follows an incident where strong winds tipped two trucks over on the bridge this morning.. and it has caused traffic chaos across the city.  RNZ's reporter Katie Todd has the latest.

Truck crash on Auckland's Harbour Bridge.

Truck crash on Auckland's Harbour Bridge. Photo: Supplied


10:30 Looking ahead to November's PS5 launch

Gaming fans are looking forward to the release of the PS5. Especially the ability to be able to stream live.  E-Sport journo @oskarhowell has all the latest on the new iteration's bells and whistles.

A photo of two young girls happily playing video games in a console laying on the living-room floor

Photo: racorn/123RF


10:40 Out Lately with Finn Johansson 

Finn Johansson joins Karyn for a fortnightly expedition out into the wilds of new music. Finn is on the phone tonight as he is getting ready to go on tour! 

Wellington's avant Finn Johansson with his Out Lately depth and intrigue.

Photo: supplied - photo Ezra Simons