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10:20  Watching wildfires in Portland Oregon

Two million hectares of land in California, Oregon and Washington state has gone up in flames and killed at least 36 people since early August.  The fires have put climate change at the front of the debate in the lead up to the US presidential campaign as President Donald Trump insists the fires are down to poor forest management.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Mr Trump "a climate arsonist".
New Zealander, Violet Wilde lives in Portland Oregon.

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10:30 Keeping gyms safe from Covid-19

Takapuna Les Mills has had to be deep cleaned after a Covid positive case attended classes there, three times last Wednesday and Thursday.  Anyone in those classes is considered a close contact.  ExerciseNZ provides fitness organisations of all kinds with advice on how to protect their clients from Covid 19. Its chief executive Richard Beddie, talks to Karyn about the advice they give.

Group of young muscular adult male and females lifting large barbells in cross-fit class with thick mats and brick walls

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10:45 Parallel barking: Aotearoa's Pet Bus

New Zealanders love their pets, and care a lot about the way they are born , raised and transported. Former dog breeder Karyn McLauchlan wasn't happy with the way her animals were being moved around so she came up with a solution. The business is called The PetBus and has been in operation since 2004. 

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