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Photo: RNZ

10:18 Doctors Without Borders treat blast victims and Covid-19 in Beirut

Six days since the devastating blast in a warehouse at the port in Beirut has left more than 200 people dead and more than 300-thousand people homeless.

Protestors are clashing in another day of riots with police in the streets of Beirut.

Karyn speaks with Doctors Without Borders Head of Mission Fouzia Bara in Beirut.

Lebanese protesters clash with security forces in downtown Beirut on August 8, 2020, following a demonstration against a political leadership they blame for a monster explosion that killed more than 150 people and disfigured the capital Beirut.

Photo: AFP

10:25 Why is there a wait for the travel to the Cook Islands?

Businesses in the Cook Islands are worried about the delay to open the travel bubble with New Zealand.

Karyn speaks with Fletcher Melvin - the chair of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce about their ideal scenario for travellers from New Zealand arriving.

The President of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce, Fletcher Melvin

The President of the Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce, Fletcher Melvin Photo: CI Govt

10:35 London Calling: the BBC World Service live

Audrey Tinline from the BBC speaks with Karyn about Russia and China's steps towards a vaccine for Covid-19.

Turkey's parliament is voting this week to withdraw from a human rights treaty, and President Trump orders  businesses to stop doing business with TikTok and WeChat.

10:37 National's candidate has been selected for Auckland Central

Tonight the National Party has selection Emma Mellow as their candidate to contest the Auckland Central seat at the election.

Party members met tonight in Auckland to fill the vacancy left by Nikki Kay's resignation last month.

RNZ News reporter Jean Bell returns from the selection announcement and speaks with Karyn in the studio.

National Party's Auckland Central candidate Emma Mellow

National's Auckland Central candidate Emma Mellow Photo: SUPPLIED/ National Party

10:45 Covid card trial one step in a mysterious direction 

Last week Health Minister Chris Hipkins announced that a trial run of a bluetooth covid-card device will be run in Rotorua. The trial will take place in the coming months will be the decider for whether or not the card is adopted nationwide. 

Dr Andrew Chen from Auckland University has some quite pointed questions about the specifics of the Government's approach to treacing technologies.He's also the editor of a brand new book - Shouting Zeros and Ones: Digital Technology, Ethics and Policy in New Zealand. 

Government Technology Agency (GovTech) staff demonstrate Singapore's new contact-tracing smarthphone app called TraceTogether, as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus in Singapore .

Photo: AFP