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10:20 Pop-Up Pasifika in the wake of cancelled Festival

The two-day Pasifika Festival has been cancelled due to fears participants and visitors could spread coronavirus to Pacific Island nations.

As a results hundreds of stall holders have had their plans thwarted, and alternative arrangements are springing up all over Auckland for the food stall holders who were prepared for the Festival.

Karyn speaks with Zeprina Fale from the Pacific Business Hub in Manukau about their Pop-Up Pasifika.

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10:30 WOMAD Festival kicks off in New Plymouth

The WOMAD music festival is all go at the Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth. The international festival is marking its 16th anniversary on our shores, and over three days more than 40 performances from local and international artists will take place. 

However one artist, Kim So Ra from South Korea, had to pull out due to travel restrictions due to Covd-19 and Ziggy Marley also announced earlier this week he could no longer attend due to unforeseen family circumstances. RNZ's Brad 'Sticky' Warrington chats to Karyn about how it's all kicking off.

The beginning of Womad 2020 in New Plymouth tonight.

The beginning of Womad 2020 in New Plymouth tonight. Photo: Brad Warrington

10:45 Kiwi Rules: Louisa Nicklin

Auckland singer-songwriter Louisa Nicklin joins Karyn to talk about her debut EP, and she "plays it forward" by sharing a song from one of her favourite Kiwi acts, Wellington trio Womb.

Louisa Nicklin's new single The Residue

Louisa Nicklin's new single The Residue Photo: Annamarie Ott