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10:20 Wellington's water contamination woes

Wellington's mayor has called an emergency meeting over the state of water after a summer of problems plagued the city.  In some of the worst polluted locations, faecal contamination has been leaking into streams and beaches for decades without action from water authorities. Owhiro Bay resident, Eugene Doyle, joins Karyn to explain how high the levels of contamination are in his neighbourhood.

Annoyed that sewage and other contaminants are polluting area's waterways

Photo: RNZ / Rachel Thomas


10:30 The Dunedin Study: Antisocial behaviour and the brain

The Dunedin Study has just released the results of its latest research - this time it's looking at antisocial behaviour.
Psychologists have been studying 600 people who have taken part in the study since they were babies.This part of the study looks at differences in brain structure and how that links to lifelong antisocial behaviour. The results have just been published in the The Lancet Psychiatry. Dr. Gina Forster, Department of Anatomy, University of Otago explains what the latest findings mean?

brain scan

brain scan Photo: vimeo


10:45 Game Theory: Dean Hall 

Video games, board games, e-sport, sport-sport - it's all Game Theory! 

Tonight Rocketwerkz CEO Dean Hall on the booming video game industry in New Zealand and whether it needs help from the Government in order to thrive.  

Rocketwerkz chief executive Dean Hall in the company's Dunedin headquarters.

Rocketwerkz chief executive Dean Hall in the company's Dunedin headquarters. Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer