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Photo: RNZ

10:20 NZ Green MP Chloe Swarbrick's OK Boomer is the talk of the world's media

New Zealand Green Party MP Chloe Swarbrick has been making headlines around the world with her OK Boomer jibe during debate for the third reading for the Zero Carbon Bill.

Bloomberg TV, the New York Times, NBC, Time Magazine, The Guardian, The Independent and the BBC have all picked up on the two words that have launched hundreds of tweets. We listen to CNN's analysis of her retort in the House.

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick.

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick. Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

10:30 South Taranaki board candidate was elected but his supporters still don't know he's won

In the small South Taranaki community of Eltham, Lindsay Maindonald won a seat on the Eltham Kaponga Community Board at last month's local body elections.

But there's a catch. His bid for a seat on the Taranaki District Council was not successful, so when another community board councillor was elected to the Taranaki District Council, Mr Maindonald was successfully appointed to the Community Board - but no one knows.

Lindsay Maindonald unravels the convoluted story from Eltham.

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10:45 Out Lately with Little Scream, Destroyer, and Louisa Nicklin

Finn Johansson joins us with a preview of three new music selections on Out Lately.

With his inimitable off-the-cuff critique, Finn takes us to Montreal for Little Scream aka Laurel Sprengelmeyer and No More Saturday Night from her album Speed Queen. Then its Dan Bejar of Destroyer with his newer than new Crimson Tide, before wrapping tonight's program with Louisa Nicklin delivers her single, The Residue.

Louisa Nicklin's new single The Residue

Louisa Nicklin's new single The Residue Photo: Annamarie Ott