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10:20 London Calling: Brexit, UK Justice and Extinction Rebellion's second day of traffic hell

Tonight correspondent Olly Barrett reports from London about the the latest on Brexit as the EU considers what will be possible.

Olly will also give an update on calls for the US diplomat's wife involved in a deadly crash to face justice in the UK, and how Londoners are bracing themselves for a second day of travel disruptions after climate change activists closed major roads and bridges on the first day of a fortnight of action.

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10:45  Lately Book Club: The Point by Debra Millar

Our occasional Book Club series, Auckland author and publisher Debra Millar has almost lived at Auckland's Point Chevalier long enough to be considered a local.

It's a pretty sedate place these days, but it's history has been the subject of Debra's research and she speaks with Karyn tonight about her book The Point - History of Point Chevalier and it's People.

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