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10:20     The end of plastic as we know it 

We have to get much better at managing the plastic we do use. Where fossil fuel-based plastics are needed, they must be kept in continuous cycles of production and reproduction. We must grow out of trying to bury it in landfills or burn it when we think we are done with it. Or worse still, leave it scattered across our landscapes and seas.

So how can we turn this story around? Karyn speaks with Phil Jones at the Sustainable Business Network about the changes we need to make following their annual conference The End Of Plastic As We Know It.

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10:30 Everybody Eats is expanding

Everybody Eats is a pop up "dining initiative" in Auckland, established in response to New Zealand's issues with food poverty and food waste. They serve restaurant quality, 3-course meals, prepared by volunteer chefs, from perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste. 

You don't have to have any money to eat there, just a koha, and now they're opening their latest restaurant in Onehunga Auckland. Founder Nick Loosley speaks with Karyn about what's at the heart of Everybody Eats.

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10:45 Have you lost that reading feeling?

Do you sometimes think you're too busy to read? Are too distracted by social media or short form writing? 

It's time for Lately Book Club where we go exploring in the world of literature and invite you to come along. This week we hear from contributing writer for The Guardian, Marianne Eloise, has written an article with some useful tips about how to get back into reading.