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10:25  Is kava your cup of tea? 
A kava bar has opened in downtown Auckland hoping to launch kava into the Kiwi mainstream.

Kava is the earthy-tasting drink made from ground kava root that has been used widely across the Pacific for centuries, and Todd Henry talks us through the urban kava experience is encouraging with his Four Shells Kava Room.

Todd Henry

Todd Henry Photo: RNZ Pacific/ MacKenzie Smith


10.40     Out Lately with Finn Johansson 

Wellington's avant Finn Johansson brings his chat and charm to Friday's Lately talking us through new music finds and forecasts.

The musician, music tutor, journalist and unaffiliated scholar shares his insights into the savvy, the sassy and the subtle from the Capital's street culture.    

Finn Johansson's Out Lately

Finn Johansson's Out Lately Photo: supplied - photo Ezra Simons