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10:20 Theresa May announces resingation as British PM

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation. This follows intense pressure from her own party and will step down officially as Conservative Leader on June 7. RNZ's UK correspondent Olly Barrat joins Emile with the latest in the wake of the announcement. 

10:25 PM's connection to lobbyist raises flags

The prime minister's links with a high-profile lobbyist are raising flags. A Newsroom article says Gordonjon Thompson has a longstanding history with Jacinda Ardern, and is now working as a lobbist on behalf of the Chinese tech giant Huawei. Political reporter Laura Walters is the author of that article and joins Emile to explain more. 

10:35 What is the European Parliament?

As we speak, people in Europe are voting in the European elections, which take place twice a decade. But what is the European Parliament, and what are its powers? Dr Tatiana Coutto is a politics lecturer at the University of Warwick and joins Emile to explain what is at stake in the election. 

10:45 My Streets Ireland: From homeless to tour guides

Rents have increased in Ireland by nearly 25 percent over the past four years - and the numbers of homesless has soared to more than 10,000 people, according to house charities. This presented an opportunity for entrepreneur Austin Campbell, why not train these people up as tour guides - giving them a way to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, rather than relying wholly on charity. So he set up a social enterprise, My Streets Ireland, for that exact purpose. Austin speaks to Emile about My Streets and how he got the project into motion.