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10:20  Bus union rejects claims that meal breaks will derail services

The New Zealand Bus and Coach Association is up in arms over the new meal break legislation that comes into effect in less than six weeks. From May 6th, workers across all industries will be required to take a 10 minute break after two hours, and a 30 minute meal break if they are working longer then four hours. The bus companies say this will lead to the cancellation of nearly 2,500 bus services everyday. However, the union that represent bus drivers, Tramways, rejects these claims. Tramways Wellington Secreatary Kevin O'Sullivan explains to Karyn why these meal breaks are important. 

10:30 Wider surveillance does not prevent terrorism

New Zealand's security and intelligence agencies have been at the centre of scrutiny in the aftermath of Christchurch Mosque attack. Questions have been raised as to whether the NZSIS and the GCSB were too focused on threat of Muslim extremism, and as result, overlooked the rise of white supremacy and far right radicals on our shores. Opposition leader, Simon Bridges has called for the reconsideration of Project Speargun - a previously proposed cyber-defence system which some critics said was mass surveillance regime. But an expert in surveillance and counter-terrorism has warned that broadening the scope of surveillance not only encroaches on individuals civil liberties, but actually inhibits intelligence services to accurately identify and act on threats. Reinhard Kreissl is the Chief Executive of Vienna Centre for Societal Security Research and joins Karyn to talk about his research.

10:40 'Last chance' petition for better access to Bay of Islands coast

Over 2,500 people have signed a petition calling on the Far North District Council to secure public access to Taronui Bay. Currently, for Kerikeri locals and tourists alike who wish to access the coast, the only way to reach the beach is a 3.7km walk across crown owned farm land which is simply not feasible for everyone. The petition calls for the construction of a suitable driving route and is especially significant for the members of the Kerikeri community, who have seen their access to the pristine beaches steadily be cut off as the surrounding land is privatised. Keri Molloy is the petition organiser and joins Karyn to discuss the situation