22 Oct 2018

The Future of Work

From Labour Day, 9:10 am on 22 October 2018
Newlands College students talk about what their future plans are. Shani McMullan, Emily Bain, Emily Hollis, Matthew Cottle and Daunte Tuilaepa.

Photo: Rebekah Parsons-King

Looking at work of the future through the lens of Generation Z, Year 13 students from Newlands College: L-R Shani McMullan,  Emily Bain, Emily Hollis, Matthew Cottle, and Daunte Tuilaepa.

How will artificial intelligence and the gig economy change work as we know it. Megan Whelan is joined by demographer Professor Tahu Kukutai from Waikato University, the founder of Tech Futures Lab and The Mind Lab, Frances Valintine, Diane Edwards, futurist and General Manager of People, Systems and Technology - Ports of Auckland and Canterbury University political scientist Amy Fletcher.

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