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Inside Hall of Memories Manatu Taonga Andy PalmerPhoto Inside the Hall of Memories, National War Memorial Credit Andy Palmer/Manatū Taonga

Commemorations of the Great War have well and truly begun and will continue for the next four years. 

Millions of dollar are being spent to remember the events that took place one hundred years ago.

Gael Woods ask why we should be commemorating events of long ago and how much of the memory of the war to end all wars has slipped into the realms of myth. 


Extra Audio - Insight  interview with Tom Larkin

A former New Zealand diplomat, Tom Larkin,  joined the diplomatic service in 1946, as ambassador to Japan and represented New Zealand at the United Nations.  He served in the New Zealand navy during the Second World War.  

He grew up in New Plymouth, and had a special personal connection to the First World War. He speaks about how that war was viewed in the 1930s.