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The formation of Auckland's Supercity brings with it major changes for the region's most basic commodity - water.

A large, monopoly water company will takeover the eight existing council's supply operations just months after a short-lived warning that water restrictions might be needed next summer.

Auckland Issues Correspondent, Todd Niall, looks at how Watercare Services Limited will weigh-up the different water philiosophies of the outgoing eight local bodies, and whether it will continue the conservation drive by one of them, the self-styled Eco-City, Waitakere.

Is there a danger that the new water company will become too big and influential for it's owner, the Auckland Council, to control?

Wairoa Dam in the Hunua Ranges, Auckland

Photo:Wairoa Dam in the Hunua Ranges (source,Watercare Services)

Watercare supplies more than 370,000 cubic metres of water daily to Auckland from 10 dams, one river and one underground source.