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6:00 Good Friday Morning with Stuart Keith

An early morning miscellany of music, stories and random thoughts, including news headlines and Worldwatch

8:10 Lament for a Dead Miner, by Paul Maunder

A young Filipino woman tells her experience coming to New Zealand as an 'internet bride' (RNZ)

9:06 The Dead News Network

"Sometimes I don't know the difference between talking to the living and talking to the dead." Anne is a 37-year-old mother of two. She lives on a housing state in County Kildare, Ireland and her husband, Paul, is a carpenter. After her sons have left for school and Paul has gone to work, Anne clears away the breakfast things and sits down at her kitchen table to talk to spirits. Anne is a medium and communing with spirits is part of her daily life. (RTE)

11:05 The Cave of Winds, by Elspeth Sandys

In this gripping drama by Elspeth Sandys, two kiwi soldiers are in hiding after Crete has fallen to the Nazis. Two members of the resistance are risking all to shelter them as German troops draw ever closer (RNZ)

12:00 The World at Noon

Radio New Zealand news and sport

1:06 Pink Floyd - Behind The Wall

A glimpse behind the wall, with candid accounts on the personal and musical moments of Pink Floyd and their grand opus The Wall (EMI)

2:05 The Secrets I Keep, by Georgina Scull

A compelling docu-drama in which actors re-create the verbatim confessions of three every day New Zealanders (RNZ)

4:06 Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas for New Friends Radio Special

The master singer-songwriter talks about his new album and songs that mine the heart, shake the body and break the boundaries as everybody knows only Leonard Cohen can do (Joyride Media)

5:00 The World at Five

Radio New Zealand news, and sport

5:12 Global Business (BBC)

5:40 Chocolate, by Elizabeth Smither

Dotty is determined to diet - but it's Easter (RNZ)

6:06 Broken River Revisited

In the immediate aftermath of the February 2011 earthquake, Simon Morton cycled along the Avon River in Christchurch from its source in the west to where it meets the sea in the east. A year later, he revisited the river to see how life's going on along it and in it (RNZ)

8:06 You, Me…Now!

The omnibus version of our popular web-only serial (RNZ)

8:30 Live: Little Bushman at the Powerstation

Featherston four-piece The Little Bushman celebrate the 2011 release of their third studio album Te Oranga with a live blast of psychedelic rock, Mississippi blues & lyrical folk music under the balconies of the beating heart of Mt Eden Rd, Auckland, recorded one year ago this week (RNZ)

9:06 Country Life

Memorable scenes, people and places in rural New Zealand (RNZ)

10:00 The World at Ten

Radio New Zealand news and sport

11:06 Hear the World

Host Dheera Sujan expertly guides listeners on a global music expedition made up of exclusive live concerts recorded by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW)