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Friday 22 April 2011

6:00 Good Friday Morning with Stuart Keith

A holiday morning of information and entertainment

8:10 am First Fleet

In late August 2009, an arsonist started a fire that burned more than 160,000 acres in the mountains around Los Angeles County. Known as the Station Fire, it was one of the largest fires in the community's history. Flames reached up 300 to 400 feet, and it took more than six weeks to fully contain the blaze.

In First Fleet, producer Eve Troeh follows families who evacuate and still return, and the fight they have with public officials who want to shut the neighborhood down.


10:06 am Here and Now

Here and Now is the story of two individuals who must face the traumatic repercussions of 'living in the moment. Both Howard Sly and Cheyne Berry were in their late twenties when they had very different experiences that changed their life's path forever.

Howard Sly was one of those young people who left New Zealand wanting something more. What he would experience was far beyond anything he could ever imagine. Cheyne Berry's love of sports and the outdoors keeps him in New Zealand, but it's a swim on a summer's day that brings his life crashing to a halt. Producer Sonia Yee explores the journeys of two New Zealanders whose carefree Kiwi attitudes lead to life-changing experiences.

12:00 The World at Noon

A roundup of the day's news and sport

1:06 Womad Taranaki 2010: Calexico

Calexico bring alt country into collusion with Spanish horns, Portuguese fado, surf guitar and haunting strains of ambient jazz (RNZ)


3:04 King and Country

A radio adaptation of the successful stage drama by Dave Armstrong, based on the personal accounts of New Zealanders during World War I. Stories of Māori and Pakeha soldiers, nurses and civilians are interwoven with treasured New Zealand war songs and hymns.

Directed by Prue Langbein

(Part 1 - part two will play at 3:05pm on Sunday, 24 April.)

5:00 The World at Five

A roundup of the day's news and sport

5:12 Global Business

An insight into the forces and issues driving the world of business and work, with Peter Day (BBC)

5:40 Bull's Lace, by Jenny Pattrick

The Easter craft exhibition is on again - but will the former rugby rep be brave enough to exhibit his lacework under his own name? (RNZ)

6:06 Longhair

Sarah Passmore finds out more about the man who has won the hearts of Hong Kong (RTHK)

7:06 Nights on Good Friday

Entertainment and information, including:

7:45 An Easter Examination, by David Somerset (RNZ)

8:06 The Secret Life of Left-Handed Musicians (RNZ)

9:06 Country Life (RNZ)

10:00 News at Ten

A roundup of the day's news and sport

10:15 What's the Word?

With Sally Placksin (BBC)

11:06 Brian Wilson and the California Sound

William Dart explores the world of American song writer Brian Wilson (Pt 3 of 6, RNZ)