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Sixteen years after thinking it would be good to document the music of some of the bands in his home town, Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd leaves the company.

It's a time of rebuilding, many of the long-time acts have called it a day, and popular music and the music business have changed almost beyond recognition. Association with an ever-expanding international music company impacts on Flying Nun, but as the label celebrates it's 21st year, international success again looks possible for some Flying Nun acts.

Spooky , The 3Ds, Music Video, 1993

Voice Credits

(This is who you hear, in order of first appearance in the programme).

Karyn Hay, former Radio With Pictures host, Flying Nun Records presenter.

Paul McKessar of Flying Nun

Roger Shepherd, founder of Flying Nun Records

Roy Colbert – journalist, mentor & owner of Records Records, Dunedin.

Francesca Griffin formerly of Look Blue Go Purple & solo artist.

Leslie Paris of Look Blue Go Purple, Olla and Flying Nun

Andrew ‘Hat’ Meyer of Flying Nun

Jeremy Eade of Garageland

Andrew Brough of Bike

Dion and Jimmy Christmas of The D4

Andrew Tolley of The Hasselhoff Experiment

Tristan Dingemann of HDU

Liam Finn of Betchadupa

Chris Knox – Tall Dwarf and solo artist, producer, cartoonist, reviewer…

Doug Hood – manager, promoter, sound engineer, tour manager…

Alec Bathgate – Tall Dwarf and solo artist.

Robert Scott of The Clean and The Magick Heads

(and the laughter of David Kilgour of The Clean and solo artist)

Rex Visible of NRA and producer, sound man, road manager…

Music Credits

(Song Title - composers (if given) - Performer/Band – Record Title – Catalogue Number – format)

Beelines To Heaven (J Eade/Garageland) - Garageland – Last Exit To Garageland - FNCD 350

Lull (HDU) - HDU - I'll Make You Happy OST - FNCD 421

Rocky Mountain - Bressa Creeting Cake - Bressa Creeting Cake – FNCD 385

Evel Knievel (Chug) – Chug - Sassafras - FNCD 300

42 Degrees (Jason Darwin) - The Magick Heads - Before We Go Under - FNCD 290

Touch Me - Superette - Tiger - FNCD 352

Crystalator (S Carter) - Dimmer - Pop Eyed - FN 395

Spooky (3D’s) - 3D's The Venus Trail – FNCD 281

Troubled Land (Heazlewood/Loser) - King Loser - Caul Of The Outlaw - FNCD 382

Come Back - (J Eade/Garageland) – Garageland - Last Exit To Garageland - FNCD 350

Save My Life (A Brough) – Bike - Take In The Sun - FN 401

Tears Were Blue (A Brough) - Bike - Take In The Sun - FN 401

Milton Babbit's Rarotongan Holiday (M Lawry) (single) - Headless Chickens - FNCD 302

Not Given Lightly (C Knox) - Chris Knox - FN 127 (single)

Saskatchewan – Superette - Tiger - FNCD352

Splat – Bailter Space - Wammo - FN 325

Uh Oh - Subliminals - United State - FNCD 448

What You Want – The D4 - The D4 EP - FNCD 439

Come On – The D4 - The D4 EP - FNCD 439

Exit To The City - The D4 - 6Twenty FNCD 449

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (A Bathgate/C Knox) – The Hasselhoff Experiment –

Under The Influence FNCD 021

Filthy McNasty - Betchadupa - Alphabetchadupa FN 465

Supa Day - Betchadupa - Alphabetchadupa FN 465

If I Were You (Carter/ Collie/ Straitjacket Fits) Tall Dwarfs – Under The Influence FNCD 021

Long Grass - Pan Am - New Concepts in Sound Recording - FNCD 462

Same Old New World (G Downes/C Knox) – Graeme Downes – Under The Influence FNCD 021

Tally Ho – The Flying Nuns – Under The Influence - FNCD 021 (bonus track on international release only)