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The late 1980s and early '90s saw the move from vinyl records to Compact Discs and guitars were augmented with samplers.

Flying Nun Records relocate from Christchurch to Auckland, and the choice between growing the company, or reducing the number of bands on the label is made - Flying Nun moves from independent ownership to major-label association, and the first artist contracts are signed!

Flying Nun music is practically mainstream in New Zealand (despite not being played on commercial radio), and there is the very real chance that some of the acts on the label could find success overseas.

Buddy, Snapper, Music Video, 1988

Voice Credits

(This is who you hear, in order of first appearance in the programme).

Karyn Hay, former Radio With Pictures host, Flying Nun Records presenter.

Graham Downes of The Verlaines

Roger Shepherd, founder of Flying Nun Records

Martin Phillipps of The Chills

Grant Fell of The Headless Chickens

Chris Matthews of The Headless Chickens

Bruce Russell - archivist, musician, Flying Nun worker.

Chris Knox of Tall Dwarfs

Alastair Galbraith of The Rip, various collaborations and solo work

Paul McKessar of Flying Nun

Peter Gutteridge of Snapper

Hamish Kilgour of The Clean / Bailterspace

Nick Roughan of The Skeptics

Rex Visible of NRA

Matthew Bannister of Sneaky Feelings

Leslie Paris of Look Blue Go Purple and Flying In/Nun

Paul Kean of The Bats

David Kilgour of The Clean

Robert Scott of The Clean / The Bats

Shayne Carter of Straitjacket Fits

Norma O’Malley of Look Blue Go Purple/The Puddle/Chug

Peter Stapleton of The Terminals

Music Credits

(Song Title - composers (if given) - Performer/Band – Record Title – Catalogue Number – format)

She Speeds (Carter) Straitjacket Fits - Life In One Chord - FN 080 – EP

Wet Blanket (Phillipps) - The Chills - Brave Words - FN90 - LP

Money Jar - Headless Chickens – Headless Chickens mini album – FN 061

Donka (Matthews/Pierce/Lawrey) - Headless Chickens - Stunt Clown - FN 100 - LP

Made Up In Blue - The Bats - Compiletely Bats - FNCD 143 - LP

Nothings Going to Stop It - Tall Dwarfs –The Short And Sick Of It - FNCD 199

Dial A Prayer - Straitjacket Fits - Hail FNCD 142 - LP

Starless Road - The Rip - Stormed Port FN 69 - LP

Central Delivery - Tinnitus - Futures Past - FNCD 156 - LP

Flex - The Jean-Paul Sartre Experiment - FNCD 078 - LP

Buddy (P Gutteridge/Snapper) Snapper - In Love With These Times - FN 677 - LP

Grader Spader - BailterSpace – Tanker - FNCD 107 - LP

AFFCO - Skeptics - Skeptics 3 - FNCD 109 - LP

Expecting To Fly - Headless Chickens - Stunt Clown FNE 24 - CD

Big Nose - NRA - Hold On To Your Face - FNCD 163

Dad and Dog The Sneaky Feelings - Hard Love Stories FN 112 - LP

I Don't Want You Anyway Look Blue Go Purple – Compilation FNCD 171

Claudine - The Bats - Compiletely Bats - FNCD 143 - LP

Slow Sad Love Song - The Verlaines - Bird Dog - FN077 - LP

Drawing To A Whole - The Clean - Vehicle - FN 147 - LP

Hail - Straitjacket Fits - Hail - FNCD 142 - LP

House With 100 Rooms The Chills - Heavenly Pop Hits Best Of… - FNCD 306

North By North - The Bats - In Love With These Times - FN 677 - LP

Shadows - The Jean-Paul Sartre Experiment - Size Of Food FN D30240

Sign The Dotted Line - Tall Dwarfs - Pink Flying Saucers… FNCD210

No - The Terminals - Uncoffined L 30424

Ready To Fly – The Verlaines - Ready To Fly - SLASH D 30718